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Thread: Old Maps

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    Mar 2017
    Western North Carolina
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    Old Maps

    I am trying to see if there are any old 1800s maps of my county here in NC. I have done many searches on the internet, and the best I can find is a 1938 road map, that does call out some old schools that are no longer there.

    History has it, that in my area was a tavern built in the 1820s and I would love to see if there are any old, maps that may have it marked, but I am not sure where to find them.

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    Nov 2013
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    You might try the library. I use the one in the town where my county seat is located. They helped me with some old maps I couldn find on the net. Good luck.
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    Dec 2012
    lower hudson valley, N.Y.
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    My county historical society has map copies for sale of 1876 and 1854 maps of my county and they have been helpful to me for over forty years. See if you have a local historical society and see if they have maps you can copy.
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    Mar 2018
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    What county/or township in NC are you looking for information/old maps... Kind of helps if you narrow it down some...

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    Mar 2018
    Todds Point, IL
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    I went to the county courthouse and they had the 1875 and 1895 plat books. They even made me copies of my township. I'm now concentrating on the houses that were there in '75 but gone in '95. Gary
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    Aug 2014
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    The Library Of Congress online is a wealth of info for you... Tons of maps for viewing.

    Also... EDU's will also have online databases of maps for viewing.

    Start with your local EDU's first.
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    I buy late 1800's and early 1900's Plat books on ebay, for the counties I hunt in. This is a more expensive way to go about it, but I collect old Plat books anyway, so it serves a dual purpose.

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    Apr 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by AARC View Post
    The Library Of Congress online is a wealth of info for you... Tons of maps for viewing.

    Also... EDU's will also have online databases of maps for viewing.

    Start with your local EDU's first.
    This is great advice. I've used UNLV for historical maps of the Mojave, Great Basin, etc.
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    Oct 2016
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    Library of Congress is a wonderful resource, I've used the maps on there before to track down possible sites many times.
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    Sep 2013
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    you got to look around in here. The best maps for east tennessee are the 1895 30 minute topos. Why ? because they had not changed many original roads be then. Dig around and see if you can find the 1895 topos

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    Oct 2019
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    Try the New York City Public Library. They have online downloadable maps from all over the world from ancient to new. I just looked and they have maps from all over the country from the 1700’s and 1800’s.

    When I was in doing a paper on the revolutionary war in high school, I went to the main branch (one with the lions). I went into a room and told the Librarian what I wanted and she brought me to a large cabinet and left. There were original maps showing British and American troop locations and hand drawn maps of New York harbor. I don’t think that you can get that access today.
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