Hindenburg Photos Uncovered- How do I manage this?
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Thread: Hindenburg Photos Uncovered- How do I manage this?

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    Robert Gee

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    Hindenburg Photos Uncovered- How do I manage this?

    My aunt who is 75 years old is unpacking boxes which have never seen the light of day since she was 20. She uncovered some photos of the Hindenburg disaster which she believes her father took. Let me tell you, they are amazing! Now, to my quandary. I can't just let these out to the public as I aim to protect her rights to them. How do I go about either selling the photos or releasing them publicly yet protected so other people don't profit from what rightfully is hers? She want's to sell the pictures but I know she should not just post them online or she will lose everything she has to people who will profit. If someone could guide us on the proper connection on how to go about this important piece of history, please help me make that connection.
    Thank you everyone.

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    Definitely will be some interest . . . but it won't be like naked pictures of Prince Harry & Magan. The event in 1937 was pretty well documented and photographed as the Press was there.

    Terry has a good suggestion for selling. If you (or her) want to keep them I'd ask my "trusted" local attorney to contact a copyright lawyer and see how that process works.
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    First, I would find a specialty law firm who can advise on what to do, especially whether to sell outright or license the images. You will probably want to register them with the copyright office. Yes, you automatically own the copyright to them, but you won't be able to defend without registering so you may as well get this done ASAP. Then if you must send or show the images anywhere make sure there is an obnoxious copyright notice smeared across the image.
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    An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

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    If you place a huge watermark on them, you can still post them as much as you like until you figure out what to do. I use watermarks all the time with my art to keep scumbags from stealing the images to make prints. Oh and you can also reduce the image pixel quality as well before posting.

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    You might contact the Navy Lakehurst Heritage Center first. Navy Lakehurst Heritage Center They have lots of archival material on the crash and might know people who are interested.

    As mentioned in the earlier posts, this disaster was well documented by the press that was there for the landing and has been studied for decades. There are 100's of pictures of the accident and the wreckage in the public domain. From an historic perspective, yours may be of interest simply because they are unpublished but I wouldn't expect them to have much monetary value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DCMatt View Post
    .... From an historic perspective, yours may be of interest simply because they are unpublished but I wouldn't expect them to have much monetary value.
    Yep, this right here!
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