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    Oct 2007
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    Re: Rock Tumbler

    I'll be shure and get one with the rubber lighning. Thanks guys for all the input. I have'nt got around to getting a drum yet, But I'll keep all this in mind.

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    May 2006
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    Re: Rock Tumbler

    When I was in jewelry making we used stainless steel burnishing media in tumblers to give the jewelry its final sheen (like this stuff I imagine it's a lot more expensive than aquarium gravel, but it'd also last a lifetime of use.

    How do the Harbor Freight tumblers compare to Lortones? We're just starting to carry the latter and they're quite a bit more expensive. I'm hoping there's a jump in quality as well.

    I've not checked out the Harbor Freight tumblers, but I've bought a few of their other tools over the years and have always thought of them as the disposable end of the hardware spectrum. They work fine for while and are cheap enough to replace when they do break that you don't mind. Performance is generally worse though. Like the 1/2" variable speed drill I bought for mixing drywall mud. It is technically variable speed, but it's nearly impossible to get it to go any speed in between stop and super fast with a human finger on the trigger. While it worked fine for mixing the mud, it nearly ripped my arm off when I tried to use it with a hole saw bit.

    Are the tumblers comparable in quality? If so, I imagine they'd be great for cleaning clad an hour at a time, but probably lousy at tumbling agates for weeks on end of continuous running. Has anyone used one for rock tumbling as well as coin cleaning? Beyond the belt stretching/wearing issue (can you tighten the belt?), how do they stand up over time?

    Thanks much!

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    Aug 2006
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    Re: Rock Tumbler

    I would rather clean my coins with as little expense as possible. Check out my recipe for cleaning coins and how I recycling my gravel:,60777.0.html

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    Mar 2003
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    Re: Rock Tumbler

    eathan, I have a Lortone I bought from another online hunter and modified it with rollers from an old tumbler that had barrels lost in a move. I use that thing all the time and it has been flawless thus far. I didn't like the barrel rolling on the steel bar and modified it to work like my previous tumbler. I have heard folks talk about the Harbor Frieght tumblers not lasting as long as expected but have no first-hand knowledge.


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