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Thread: So much for the tick spray...

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    Mar 2020
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    It's a serious problem not to be taken lightly. Some people develop long-term chronic illness that is devastating. It gets into the deep tissue where it is hard to root out and diagnose. The biggest problems are chronic fatigue and joint damage, especially the knees. Sometimes Lyme's attacks the heart muscle and the hospital will attach an antibiotic IV in the artery under the armpit. As far as the alpha gal meat allergy, people who know they have it sometimes have to be rushed to the ER for closed airway reactions because prepared foods can have pork and beef.

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    Mar 2020
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    My region is especially bad because we have large deer herds living among suburbia, large parcels of preserved woods and wetlands with plenty of wildlife, mild winters, and predominantly native oak forests supplying food for mice and rodents, important links in transmission.

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    I hate those things I use Deet havent found one on me yet

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    My mistake was - some yrs back I went on a cellarhole hunt with another guy and it was way off the beaten track
    guy warned me to tick proof myself - I got a face net and sprayed myself head to toe - soooo
    we head out and hiked like 3 miles to the area - hunted for about 3 hrs - I had worked the night before and was running
    out of gas and decided to sit down on a colonial stone wall - bad mistake - hiked back out and could not wait to get
    back to the hotel room and take a shower - when i got out i did a tick check - i had 3 biggies across my back in a row
    and could not figure how i got them - when i sat down on the wall my shirt went up about an inch and thats how i got them
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    You know it's a good day when you not only have surface finds of Pulltabs, but pull two out of the same hole.

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    I deal with the alpha gal. It for me goes away after 6 months to a year. But it can easily come back with another bite. Benadryl normally took care of it but i had one incident that I felt the need to go to the er even then the wait time and all I ended up going home and it finally cleared with a large amount of Benadryl. Maybe not the smartest decision I ever made prolly.

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    Jul 2012
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    Week ago made mistake of peeing in woods. Thatís right found one later attached. My wife removed it but by 24 hours my member was 3 times normal diameter and insanely itchy. Dr
    Ordered doxy and after 3 days back to normal
    Gave her a good laugh tho
    I donít worry about Lyme as long as I get them off within hours. 12 bites so far this year

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    Aug 2016
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    That's some scary stuff I think Ill just keep hunting in saltwater and fight off those critters seems easier


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