What do you all think?
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Thread: What do you all think?

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    Mar 2010
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    What do you all think?

    Could these formations be ancient or just colonial structures?


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    Jun 2007
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    Like Mystery Hill, NH/America's Stonehenge... CELTIC! ANCIENT!

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    Jun 2007
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    OR! Maybe the Colonial Secret Society Order; Ancient Order of Druid Dudes...
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    May 2012
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    Could be....

    Scottish daggers with cairngorm /smoky quartz from Scotland were considered proper. Per who you asked back then I suppose.

    Now , Scottish is not Irish...So just to stir the pot , and I'm not saying what is true here...


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    Feb 2006
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    Burnt Hill, Heath Altar - several others in MA - just don't show anything that would be Neolithic.

    Not saying that they can't possibly be; but just more likely some creative piling of large stones that had to be cleared to plow a field and handy to make a root cellar or boundary fence with. After all - a lot of the colonists in the are were Celtic heritage. When you have two rocks - pile one on the other. Still done now. The native nations also cleared fields for planting and may have moved them. Don't need a Celt intervention to account for that.

    A little North of us is a spot in the Finger Lakes (Bluff Point at the top of Keuka Lake) that had stoneworks that were dismantled in 1876. Lots of speculation on who originally placed them and why. That area was surveyed in 1820 and they appear to pre-date farming or much settling of "new" residents.
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    eye man

    Jan 2020
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    Near Chatsworth ,GA is a place called Fort Mountain. Near the top of the mountain is a stone wall built about 2/3 the way around the top.Several hundred years old. Speculation has it , the Cherokee built the wall, only problem, the Cherokee never built rock walls for defense or ornate.
    Story is, it's Welsh, pre Columbus.
    South of Fort Mountain in another county is a stone pyramid, resembles Mayan, only smaller. This stone structure is on State land, as is Fort Mt. There is a Cherokee Indian lives
    near and he will take you to it. Do not park on the state hwy.and walk in, you will be harassed by a state employee.
    Most sites like these are on some kind of government land and there is a reason. You guessed it, to keep you the public at bay, keep off! No prying eyes, you might re-write the history books and that is not allowed. The above post could be a structure. The ancient people would mimic what they saw or were told, or believed.

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    The Creative Psychic

    Dec 2019
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    Kind of interesting but it is the Viki GS that were rumored to be in that area from the 13th century forwards. They really may have been cutting g stone somehow?

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    Sep 2004
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    Hi ,Still plenty of person who can make stone age tools today , Neolithic or Moronic ? TP

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    Feb 2014
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    i dont buy the Welsh-Fort Mountain story. Native Americans used rock and stone to construct as well as wood. Look up “Old Stone Fort” in Tenn. not that far from Ft. Mountain Park, is just one example

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    Mar 2021
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    I live on the bluff and believe i found a relic from that site. Looking for experts to identify?

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    Jan 2021
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    I think most are ancient, those are heavy stones! Even if colonialists could find a way to move them, it would take a lot of energy and resources, that which they couldn't afford to waste.



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