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Thread: Anybody take sleep aids?

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    I really appreciate all the replies. I will be 70 in October and until About 5 months ago I never took any prescription medications on a regular basis. I tried talking with my preacher and I prayed for an end to my feelings about my brother's death to no avail. I quit watching the news because of all the gloom and doom and I keep as busy as I can during the day. I can come in and take a shower, then sit down and fall asleep for a couple hours but that ruins my sleeping at night. So, I try not to nap during the day. I will say that since I started the antidepressant I feel a lot better about life in general. I think that if I weren't on it I would have had a stroke when our federal tax return was hacked and the thieves then got our stimulus check. But, I took it in stride and it really hasn't bothered me. Contrast that to the fact that when gas prices skyrocketed about ten years ago I just knew I would die if it hit $4.00 a gallon!
    I am taking Ambien but not every night. If I am not asleep by midnight I take one and lay down. In 15-20 minutes I am gone and I wake up 7-8 hours later not feeling groggy or anything. So far I have taken 3 Ambien in about two weeks. I worked in yards all day today so I think I will sleep OK tonight.
    Sorry for the long rant. I'll shut up and go to bed now.
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    May you find peace...sleep well brother...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fyrffytr1 View Post
    My doctor put me on some meds for depression and high blood pressure. The depression med was prescribed because I had a very hard time getting over my brothers death 8 months ago. Anyway that med caused insomnia and I only sleep about two-three hours a night. So on my last visit he prescribed a sleeping pill for me. I take it about a half hour before I go to bed and it knocks me out. The one problem I noted is if I don't get into bed before it starts taking affect I have trouble even walking, And, it is hitting mr as I sit here tryiing to type this post. I thiink iitis timr for mr to go brddy by. nitenite yyallll.
    I saw for from depression anxiety and insomnia what pills that youíre taking that knocks you out thatís what Iím looking for. Lol

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    My 86 year old uncle asked me after pot became legal in Colorado if I wouldn't mind bringing back some to Iowa because he said it helped him relax and sleep better. I couldn't believe it, my uncle gets high and he ask i don't say anything about it to his kids my cousin and one of them is older than me.
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    I have a couple beers starting at 9:00PM and sleep well. ;-)

    Less potential side effects than arthritis strength Ibuprofen or Tylenol.
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    4:20 works for me..the older you get the more you have to hash out in your mind before you drift off. got a lotta stuff rambling around up there, like 50 marbles in a gas dryer. of course a good woman makes for a great nights sleep, even at my age............................................... ............................................lucky me, no pills,,,just bad heart

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    Nope, don't like them ( I did take them for a very short time in my life 20 years ago ). Sorry to hear about your brother.

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    Try a magnesium citrate supplement, at least 200 mg a day. It helps you get to sleep and stay asleep. I started taking it originally to see if it would help my blood sugar. Did nothing for that but I noticed within a week of starting it that I was sleeping so much better. Also if you are a coffee or any caffeinated beverage drinker, cut those out early in the day.
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    I've been an insomniac for most all of my adult years. Got so bad that here a couple weeks ago, I couldn't sleep at all for 3 days. Yes, I have high blood pressure - one of my doctors told me "You gonna dwop dead". He offered no help so I dwopped him instead. I do prefer home grown doctors, but you get others along the way. BTW, that doctor dwopped dead himself.

    Doctors tell me that some people just don't need as much sleep as others. I guess....

    I do find that a couple of beers before sleep helps a lot, but then you wake up early gotta pee

    Whatever.... I just deal with it.
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    Trying to help here....
    I use a 3mg Melatonin tablet,
    and a cool room - set your air conditioner on low,
    darkened room, quiet time before hopping into bed.
    The supplement will take effect in hr or less - you aren't
    terribly rushed to get to bed.
    My wife tho, she just reads before going to bed, gets sleepy that way - a good idea too.
    Stick With It - It's not *IF* you'll find the good stuff , but WHEN!


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