Who owns the sea ???
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    Oct 2007
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    Who owns the sea ???

    I wrote this as a reply to a thread about wrecks but i thought it was worth mulling over:

    Looks like you just did all their work for them and was NEVER going to get recognition let alone a claim all the time you have the proverbial hole

    If you want my advise play ALL inland detecting by the book and respect that ALL land belongs to somebody so seek permission and declare ALL your finds

    However here in England do as i do

    I spit in the eye of private Beaches because shore land from high tide to low tide is owned by the Crown (which is you and me anyway as they are just our servants ) and then up to 1 mile out to sea comes under Maritime laws (which there are none until the coins of the realm are mentioned), then after that who knows until you reach foreign waters

    So in a nutshell once you leave dry land everything is fair game unless of course you choose to trace the owner of a lost ring etc :-

    Items lost at sea that get washed up such as the recent Devon Napoli wreck, should be reported and a finders form filled out giving the owner 30 days to reclaim it, if they do then you can charge them a finders cum storage fee, but none will reclaim as the insurance will of paid them out and they certainly wont want it back

    A good rule of thumb is if theres still a crew aboard go find another wreck

    So unless its a protected wreck i fart in their general direction
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