Will It Ever Rain?
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Thread: Will It Ever Rain?

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    Mar 2018
    Todds Point, IL
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    Will It Ever Rain?

    Bought a new Nox 800 and was pumped up to try it out. Grabbed my shovel and walked across the road the the cow pasture. Got a "20" signal and tried to dig. Ugh! The dirt was like concrete. Impossible for my crippled old body to dig. Headed to a bean field that was just cut and it was the same. Rats! I then went to the creek thinking I could dig in the bed. Water is dried up and the rocks at the bottom of the creek are again like concrete. My new detector sure looks nice. Wonder if it works? No real rain here since June. None in the forecast. What's a guy to do? Gary

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    Wood Butcher

    Apr 2013
    Indian River Co., Fl
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    Sorry about your rain situation and hope it improves.
    We've been just the opposite with soggy mud for a yard and standing water in the front swale for about two month's now. This is our rainy season, but not usually to this extent.
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    Aug 2014
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    ***ARC does a rain dance shot of Rum***

    There that should do it... get out the rain hat and jacket.
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    Feb 2017
    Georgetown, SC
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    We've had plenty of rain this year. The pull tabs are easy diggin'. Big wet system moving through the NW. Maybe you'll get some soon.

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    Oct 2014
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    We got slammed yesterday (Tuesday) with a lot of rain. Going dirt fishing in ten minutes, cannot wait! I go everyday, but I have a problem!
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    Dec 2017
    NE Ohio
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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor of Engineering View Post
    We got slammed yesterday (Tuesday) with a lot of rain. Going dirt fishing in ten minutes, cannot wait! I go everyday, but I have a problem!
    I'm telling ya it's not an addiction... we can stop whenever we want...
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    Jul 2012
    Holmes County Ohio
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    hope you got some today, it's raining here in Ohio, came from your direction.
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    Aug 2016
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    Pay someone to wash the windows on your house, works every time!
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    It's suppose to start raining here on Sunday, and go thru next Tuesday. I'll send some your way !
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    Sep 2020
    new england
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    Having farmed for years it's comforting to know that detectorists and farmers like the same amount of rain. Enough to make the soil loose but not so much it makes mud....Oh, and if it could only fall when I am sleeping that would be great too.
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    Sep 2015
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    Move to Connecticut where it rain for many days.
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    Mar 2014
    New Glarus,WI
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    “When will it rain, I feel the heat burnin’ through my shoes”.....a little Jackyl till it rains....
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    Feb 2005
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    We get alot of rain in MI usually barreling in from the west and sometimes south, while most of the state has been very wet even rain doesn't seem to like the Detroit area and usually breaks up before it reaches my area.
    Perhaps big cities can have an effect on weather like that I don't know, but I do know to the north and south there has been plenty of rain, only sprinkles and an occasional downpour here.

    This time of year I try to concentrate on beaches and tot lots, both a bit depleted from the kung flu, haven't been digging in the dirt for a while.
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    Jun 2007
    Tiger Shark, Xterra 705
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    Well, here in central Minnesota we are buried under snow. Tomorrow I have to break out the large snowblower - the earliest by at least a month I have ever had to use it.
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    Nov 2009
    Central Florida
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    Here in central Florida we are wondering will it ever stop raining?
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