Dry Washer Fabric
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    May 2011
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    Dry Washer Fabric

    What does a diy person do when you build your dw to a different size than what the retailers sell, and no one will tell you what fabric to use or where to buy it? I checked with several and mums the word. Any suggestions? Thx

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    May 2011
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    so ive tried alot of different fabrics,i was told to try this.they make it in 500,1000,1680 web, ballistic cordura water repellent military
    nylon fabric.i brought 1680d its about 16 dollars a yard on ebay. i just today mounted it and will test a little at home tomorrow and then to the desert next week, i really like it so far. also you should post in the dry washing forum for more ideas.i last used a heavy air mattress but i didnt last long ,my dry washer is a 12 volt with a 15 inch wide tray.i will post when i get back from the desert.i did talk to pat at keene and he said he was having trouble getting the fabric they used, but of course he wouldnt tell me what it was.
    good luck brad



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