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Thread: Can you hear me now? Help for those with Tinnitus

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    My wife woke up one morning and had ringing in her right ear after a few days of not going away she went to the doctor and he diagnosed it as tinnitus so she put up with it and tried different remedies with no success. After approximately 9 months of this she woke up one morning and the roaring was gone! Along with her hearing in that ear! Yep completely deaf in that ear. Now she has too wear a hearing aid in that ear. All the doctors said was that it was odd it only happened in one of her ears instead of both.

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    I have had it so long I accept it as permanent. It sounds a bit like the buzz of cicadas in August only higher pitch. Haven’t had a hearing test in 50 years or more. No hearing aids I think I hear alright.

    I wonder if hypnosis could help you just ignore it. It’s a bit like any noise you can tune out even though it’s there loud and clear.

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    When I was eleven years old I had a severe case of the mumps that left me deaf. I did however have severe tinnitus. Eventually I got most of my hearing back in my left ear but my right ear has been deaf ever since and the tinnitus has been a constant reminder of that episode of my life. I'm convinced it's nerve related as nothing helps relieve it.
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    Friends of mine have had great success taking GABA. They first went and had any wax buildup removed by a doctor. Then they started taking 1 chewable (below recommended dose) GABA lozenge and noticed a big difference in reduction of ringing/buzzing, ect. after about 3 weeks.
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