The Great Storm of 1866
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Thread: The Great Storm of 1866

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    The Great Storm of 1866

    I would like to share this piece of history with everyone about the great storm of 1866. This is not my story. I will provide the credits to the original website at the bottom. Allot of cool history here. I live where this storm came through all those years back, and have detected several house sites hit by the twister. Hope everyone enjoys this piece of history.


    The most teriffic wind storm that ever visited Montgomery county passed through this township March 20, 1866, just after the Civil war. It was seven o'clock in the evening that an awful hurricane rushed into the township three fourths of a mile north of the southwest corner of the territory, passing in a diagonal direction like a mighty sickle of death and general destruction. The sound of the rushing wind was frightful to hear. Thunder was loud and heard many miles distant. Buildings and trees were crushed and twisted in all kinds of shapes. The unearthly cry of animals of many species filled the ears of the inhabitants with awful sounds. Huge logs were as feathers before a tempest. The wind completely demolished new and older structures. Among the buildings blown to pieces are now recalled those of Dr. Straughan. M. F. James and H. A. Foster. All the buildings of John Frame were unroofed. and hundreds of dollars' worth of timber destroyed. A child of Mrs. M. F. James was killed outright. H. A. Foster's wife was found dead, and two children were killed. Dr. Straughan had a child blown a hundred yards and seriously wounded. Others were more or less injured. After the passage of the storm, birds, rabbits and other small animals were found dead in the track. H. A. Foster was in his sugar camp at the time, and although the air was completely filled with dust, dirt, rubbish, timbers and boards, his life was spared, but upon getting to his home. the scene was awful. Pieces of buildings. machinery, garments and various articles were carried many miles away. A bed sheet was left hanging in the top of a tall tree for more than a year after the storm. A feather bed was found beneath the trunk of a large oak. Clothing belonging to both men and women, was found four miles distant. M. F. James claimed that a portion of the roof of his house was blown fifteen miles. and this was proven to be true from the fact that his was the only house that had a pitched roof between there and Terre Haute. A bureau drawer was found eight miles distant from where it belonged. A tin wash boiler was found in the top of an oak tree forty feet from the ground. All in all, this was the most terrible storm tragedy ever witnessed in this portion of Indiana.

    Credits: History of Scott Township, Montgomery County, Indiana
    History of Scott Township, Montgomery County, Indiana
    From: History of Montgomery County, Indiana
    Published By: A. W. Bowen & Co., Inc.
    Indianapolis, Indiana 1913
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    Very interesting story! Very scary story, indeed! Thanks for sharing.



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