Area Technique Attack Plan
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    Oct 2007
    North Carolina

    Area Technique Attack Plan

    How about technique, When you get to a special spot, one you have never actually set foot on . Whats the first thing you do. Scan the area and determine the size, length,depth,etc. Land Marks, Traces of water creeks, old wells, or foundations.

    Do you then start griding of ares, first or hit the likely spots first. Are their any other things to look for, such as rock/soil compositions, old road beds.

    And what kind of pattern do you grid with 12'X12''s, etc.
    Say it's a one acre lot. How long would it take you to really cover such an area. Thanks for you input, and if I left any details out please explain.

    And I do believe in having permission first.

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    Jul 2007

    Re: Area Technique Attack Plan

    I start on the outside and work my way from right to left, if I cannot hunt the entire area in one hunt I pick a landmark and restart from there. some areas I have marked with a srick in the ground as to make it look natural



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