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Thread: Why doesn’t anyone care about history anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddsPoint View Post
    Hitler was not elected. He was appointed Chancellor by Paul von Hindenburg after the Nazi party won a majority in the Reichstag. Gary
    True, good catch and my mistake. I see now that technically, voters cast their votes for a party, not an individual man and the Nazi party became the majority party. I presume those voting for the Nazi party assumed Hitler would be their man.
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    An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

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    You mentioned you remembered the Hungarian Revolution. Here's one of at least seven stamps that Hungary issued that memorialized that (1956) Revolution. Hungary also had at least two prior revolutions that may also have been shown on stamps.
    Hungary Issued Stamp on 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution | Phila-Mirror
    PS: Compare what can be learned studying stamps for one hour versus playing FORTNITE for one hour.
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    war has washed over Europe like the tides

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    Most youngsters don't even know what Encyclopedia's are anymore. I still have a set in my home, and use them frequently. I refuse to use Google for anything. It helps to keep your mind sharp, and look things up or research on your own, instead of having the answer at your fingertips from some search engine. History is falling by the wayside. To many electronic gadgets for kids to play with. Why would they want to learn about the past of this country, when they can play games on computers, phones, tv's etc. ? Heck, you hardly see kids outside in the middle of summer anymore. Then there are the schools that are trying to erase history, but we won't get into that one here.
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    To cut the chase and not over think folks, it simply comes down to controlling the minds, and I cry and ask god for help because they endocrine our young in school and we simply let it go, we as parents must step up more importantly and not point fingers because we let it happen. Folks we all are flawed people, but 200 years ago no schools available and the parent taught, so no excuses, u want better standards you to must require more from yourself and then we can change the education system which is frankly a cancerous system, thankyou very much keep conversation going because we the people will eventually reclaim the country as it once was, we the people always win when together, god bless
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    Go to youtube & play the song Silent Runnings by Mike & the Mechanics with lyrics. Eerily prophetic.
    It would seem we are now up a famous tributary without any means of locomotion.

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    Even here, some people are misguided on the history of the German people's actions leading up to their "defense" in WWII. They were not evil, the same scenario is happening here in the US. Also, learn yourselves some history as to the cause of the War Between the States. You won't find it in text books.

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    Whites DFX, Notka Makro Simplex. Folks the price don’t mean everything, the question is are you willing to put in the time to learn the machine, experience will pay off I guarantee it.
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    It benefits someone by lying about r own history, why I want the truth, u no was makes me upset, every day I go to cemetery I see flags, that represents a person that gave there life in some cases for this bullshit cause of freedom, freedom they lie and we die so you tell me who the scum is. I was in army, never do again why, never, ever risk my life for a fake and phoney government that’s been lying for centuries, thankyou, strong comments to dam bad. I woke up and listen to many veterans who feel the same, such a sad sad omission, they lie, we die for there own agenda, never again.
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