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Thread: Has anyone bought a mobile/manufactured home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckshot View Post
    What was the problem with it? I've never used it, but a couple of my neighbor's got it.

    The only problem with plastic siding IMO is that it looks like plastic siding.
    Concrete composition siding guaranteed not to shrink, rot or delaminate for 50 years. My siding did all that in ten. There was a class action lawsuit back around 2009, shot down by lawyers that said the siding was improperly installed. The other thing was the board ends must be painted before installation. I came home one day to find my siding guy using a nail gun to install, there was a pile of broken hardi that showed his progress. It has to be pre-drilled, with no nails visible. I’d say at least 25% of my siding boards are cracked in half. Once moisture gets in, delamination begins. Almost impossible to do any repairs, and there’s contraction and expansion in the winter/summer.

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    Reading through this, and having a bit of experience with the planks and such....

    Looking at Goldies response, this poster needs some help...
    Goldie it appears your location is Nevada...is this correct?
    What are you other parameters, if you want to disclose...want it for 5 years, 10 years, size location, etc...

    Lets try to help this person find something (like relevantchair)
    Mobiles have far less building code requirements than modulars...
    If the location is Nevada, depending, the moisture issues with the wiring may not be as relevant here as in Florida.

    War stories are great, yes, hardi plank sux, (great for growing mushrroms1) and older metal units have aluminium wiring and asbestos caulk...still, its usable...a roof over your head is always far better than without one...

    aside from that, lets provide some positive information.
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    Mobile homes/manufactured housing is prevalent here and seems to come in many levels of quality depending on the maker.My observation has been that much depends on the guy that sites it for you.If you provide a stable foundation and in the case of mobile homes adequate anchoring you have a very good chance of long and happy abiding.If you get some of the fly by night companies that set these up for the manufacturers,you probably will be in for much trouble.A concrete pad or at least concrete footing to take the load is needed,along with insulation for your various plumbing,especially if you receive sub freezing temps. If not sitting on the pad,skirting is a must if you don,t want critters taking up residence in your floor.All this supposes you intend to be in the same location for a long time.I think the best advice for you is to use the same tactics as in MDing.Research,research,and more research on the home manufacturer,and who installs it for them.Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldieLocks View Post
    I am on disability. I have few other options. My credit is ruined and I do not have housing references.
    Fix your credit.
    Keep it good after.
    Start today...

    You're on disability. That is a steady income. You have the ability to do positive things with your income. That's up to you alone.

    With that steady income , ten percent down might be doable.

    When looking at buying a home there are inspectors you can hire and pay to evaluate them. Choose wisely. Almost anyone can claim to be able to inspect....
    The last guy I hired found things I didn't. But also missed things I found.
    He did agree with me that the structure and it's foundation was sound . That Radon was not an immediate concern , ect..
    Took me months to square things up , but they were things I could do. And I had money on reserve for the repairs and changes.

    Around here , far from Goldie , one bedroom one bath homes sell "cheap" . At least compared to other places. Obviously due to price per square foot and square footage of those small places , and for being what they are. Most families bypass them so they get on the market. VS the high demand for multiple bedrooms and toilets.
    IF one only had cosmetic issues , and was in a location I could tolerate living in , and could be expanded (zoning and building codes ,land space ect.) then I'd rather go that route than be in a trailer park. A sound structure , dry roof , easy to heat or cool... You can scratch in the dirt or have a garden without violating a rule.

    Mind you there are some great parks. (An Uncle built on long ago and I watched and sometimes helped. Probably still a great park.)
    But I'm the type that wants to own the ground. And have less rules than a park when I'm paying for the home.
    IF I'm buying , I want something tangible likely when I leave. Equity gain type tangible. To relay elsewhere after.

    Being free and clear today , former payment amounts can go to improvements. With being on a lot if I rent , that money keeps going out from budget.
    Yes I can claim a tiny portion of the land taxes on lot rent. But that's not the same as gaining , at all.
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