LUE Missing Pages- Do You Have Document Match These Symbols? I have the missing pages
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    LUE Missing Pages- Do You Have Document Match These Symbols? I have the missing pages

    Hey y'all,

    Yes... I have now learned the valuable lesson that you cannot edit titles. It should have read:
    "LUE Missing Pages- Do You Have The Document That Matches These Symbols? I have the missing pages"... Lesson learned.

    Rather than make a whole bunch of posts, I'm just going to post everything I'm looking for here.

    1. I am looking for anyone who has the document these were taken from. I have the document, and I also have the missing pages. Because of that, I'm looking to speak with anyone else who also this document and the missing pages. I AM CERTAIN there is one person on here that has them. What I'm not sure of is, if you know what you have, or not... or maybe you think you have the whole document, but didn't know where to go for the second half... or maybe you don't even realize you need a second half.

    If these symbols make sense to you, please reach out.

    The pyramid/tipi/teepee symbol is not intentionally blurry. Hidden in plain sight, and that's just the best I could get when I enlarged it. I also included a smaller version of it which is less blurry, but equally frustrating to view.

    2. Now, maybe you have or don't have these documents, but you're aware of the "origin" story of the LUE. I don't mean Montezuma, or a mine, or the treasure component I mean the KVV or CVV VV? origin story. If this makes sense to you, even if the symbols don't, I'd like to speak to you.

    3. If none of those things make sense, but you've solved the IAYAYAM KEY WITHOUT using math.. NO MATH.. NO GALAXIES... NO WEIRD FORMULAS... I'd like to speak you.

    4. If you were the person who found LUE 4 and wrote what you did on the rock-- or maybe you found it that way-- I would like to speak with you.

    There is ABSOLUTELY one person who can at least answer number one. I hope you read this.


    Click image for larger version. 

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