Who has tried an OKM detector?
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Thread: Who has tried an OKM detector?

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    Aug 2021
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    Who has tried an OKM detector?

    So I'm looking for a 3D detector that can find deep targets in a field laden with trash. The Garret with Depth Multiplier cannot find my test target which I configured as best I can to conform to the family legend. So I don't think a conventional detector will do me much good. KellyCo. recommended OKM and I've looked at different models. But before I drop $5k on a detector, I want to make sure I'm getting more than battery powered smoke and mirrors. Has anyone used an evolution or other OKM model?
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    There are no shortcuts, I recommend you consider something different. Kellyco sales reps are paid to sell you them, they know nothing about them.
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    You better chose Nokta Invenio. At least you will get what they advertise, and much less headache than you might get with OKM. Just my oppinion.

    Another choice might be a pro PI such as Lorenz Deepmax, or any other pro machine. They will not lie abut performace of machine or scope of 3D software, do not expec miracles, though.

    Do you know exactly why you would need such a detector for?
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    Aug 2021
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    Thank you for the reply. I wish underground radar wasn't so expensive, or was a service easily contracted. I've reached out to a few geological organizations and utility companies who use it, but none of them responded.

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    Aug 2021
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    @The Green Boy: I will investigate both the Invenio and the Deppmax. According the story that has circulated in my family for 3 generations, we're looking a target of gold coins buried in ceramic "crock" jars. I created a test target filled with coins, jewelry, and other precious metallic objects, but my Garret Treasure Hound with Depth Multiplier cannot pick it up. It hasn't been able to find much more than trash metal strewn across the old home place anyway. So I'm need a detector that can show things at depth, ignore junk metal--or at least allow me to discount any shallow targets as trash, and at least find my test target.
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    I was not impressed with the Garrett 2-box setup. For a 2-box, the TM-808 was a better choice.

    Any idea on quantity of coins or depth? Coin caches are difficult, I once buried 220 silver quarters (3 lbs) exactly 24" deep. No detector I tried could find them, and I tried a lot. But that was 12+ yrs ago.
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