Treasure hunting is not just swinging a detector!
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    Feb 2007
    homemade/whites DFX/MinlabGP3000/Garret 250

    Treasure hunting is not just swinging a detector!

    I have many things to do than just swing a detector in some park!
    A good friend of mine and myself hunt old barns board by board for hollow
    spaces with a hand held metal detector.What we have found have me still
    scratching my head.I first got the Idea as I refinish an old desk I bought form
    a thrift store.Inside one door front was a hollow board with a silver dollar
    two silver dimes and a paper gold dollar.The next find was again by luck
    there was an old barn up the road from me.I passed it every day and knew the people that owned it.It had been built in 1920 by an old dairy farmer to milk cows in.Not vary big only 20X30 feet. They told me he never went into town
    just sat in the doorway of the barn and smoked his pipe.The old place was being split up to put in houses and the barn was coming down.know it was all redwood and hand hewn redoak I wanted the wood and asked if I could salvage some of the wood.(Sure) less we have to hall away!Four hours into
    the demo we noticed a big oak beam with a hinge at the bottom and a board
    along side it like a fold down door and a bent over nail to secure it.I took my crow bar and preyed it open,out fell and old brass chewing tobacco box, some old papers,a silver Morgan dollar vary worn and silver quarters.The papers were in bad shape( eaten through by bugs) but some were IOUs from the milk he sold.And one was a love letter from his wife. which had said she loved him no-matter what he did or what they had.(couldn't read much of it but was vary
    tear jerking)there were letters of sale for his milk 5 cents a gallon!wish it was that now!Since then I hunt old houses/barns/out houses/wells/cars/trailers/
    chicken coops/pump houses/gates/old fencesand anyplace I can get into!
    Its kinda Ironic but I lost my job two years ago cashed in all my investments
    turned it into coins and paper money and other stuff just so could get medical
    assistance.I salvage things collect cans, plastic bottles,sell fruits and vegetables
    I grow and fix things and sell them.Its a living but a tough one.My caches are also hidden in bricks,walls,pipes,under fence posts, and a few I'll never tell.
    my sons are the only ones who know where to find thees things.If I die so what!
    know one cared anyway.

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    Kentucky Kache

    Re: Treasure hunting is not just swinging a detector!

    Being a cache hunter myself, I can appreciate your post. Good stuff.

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: Treasure hunting is not just swinging a detector!

    Konnon hi its aa long time no hear. I to lost my job last year and things are really rough. I think if we didnt enjoy metal detecting and treasure hunting we would be lost in worry. Keep your head up and i will be waiting to hear about your next adventure. ....aa



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