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    Feb 2008
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    Anyone use this detector? 1970's Whites

    Just wondering if anyone has used or knows anything about a Whites GoldMaster from the late 70's The other information on the unit is TR-2D Deep Detector Doublet. I have NOT laid eyes on this machine yet so I really can't give much more detail. Long story short: it's a detector my grandfather used to use and my mother recently came across it and was curious (as am I) to find more info about it. All the help and opinions I can get are appreciated, thanks!


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    Jan 2007
    Mesquite Texas
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    Re: Anyone use this detector? 1970's Whites

    TR= old technology but hey, they work. Someone more qualified than me will give you the details of the old TR machines and how to use them.

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    Mar 2007
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    Re: Anyone use this detector? 1970's Whites

    I would say more like mid '70s, not late '70s. It's a dinasour. But hey, if pickens are really thick somewhere, it will still beep

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    Aug 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
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    Re: Anyone use this detector? 1970's Whites

    I had one of the Coinmaster's from the early 1980's. I think discrimination wasn't quite perfected yet and mineralized soil drove it crazy if you had discrimination too high. And just holding that machine it might not feel heavy...try swinging it for a couple hours!
    Like Tom said, if you have a site thick in whatever you want to find...it should be great.

    But keep in mind...when they first used that machine, there wasn't nearly the trash in the ground like there is today. We have the priveldge of an additional 30 years of pull tabs, bottle caps, etc...some of the stuff wasn't even invented yet that we have to dig just to find a coin.
    That's what's forced the advanced technology of detectors. But heck...it could be fun trying...and isn't that the whole point to this hobby anyhow?
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