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    Apr 2008
    South Florida
    Bounthy Hunter Quick Draw II

    What Got You Into Detecting?

    Hello Everyone!

    I was just wondering, what got you into this hobby we've chosen?

    I was interested and doing research for months. I was watching Cash & Treasures on the Travel Channel and thought about how cool it would be to find treasure. My birthday was approaching and I had almost made my decision to get a metal detector, but I was still on the fence.
    I was home one day, flipping around on the tv, and BAM! A new episode of Cash & Treasures was on. I had not seen the episode before. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was metal detecting!!
    I had made my decsion. I figured with all the beaches down here, I would have plenty of places to hunt!
    I then bought my detector and I couldn't be happier! It's a great hobby. I love being out there, whethter I find clad, earrings or a rusty nail!

    So, Why Do You Detect? (I cant wait to hear!)


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    Apr 2007
    God's lap
    X-terra 70 ACE 250
    53 times

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    I detect because I have always been fascinated with finding any kind of treasure....mom used to send us on treasure hunts at every campground we went to and the winner got a snack pack puddin!!.....wasn't until I was an adult I realized that she was just making a list of every piece of trash she saw. rofl I love prospecting most of all but MD'n is a lot of fun too!

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    Mar 2008
    Martin City, Montana
    Garrett-GTA1000, Money Hunter BFO, Minelab E-Trac & Garrett Pro Pointer

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    I was interested in treasure hunting when only the military had metal detectors. So when the first ones came on the market I got one, don't remember the brand. The coil was encased in wood and drifted really bad, falsed all the time and max depth on a penny was 1 inch. Still with all that I was hooked. The next was a Garrett BFO. A great machine, light, stable, and easy to use, but did not discriminate. All together owned 6 Garretts. Great finds over the years, the best a 1922 plain Lincoln. Even Zincolns get the heart pumping!!
    Detecting since 1962 all dimes were silver then!!

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    Jun 2006
    Out in the hills near wherendaheckarwe
    WHITES, MINELAB, Garrett
    2005 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    Being a little guy bouncing from the beaches of Calif to Grandpas in Arizona, figured I'd either find Pirate (fill in the blank)s Booty or hit the mother lode. Started with a Bounty Hunter TR that I had a real rough time tuning, then found an old Whites tuber at a garage sale. Was a fun machine but a little heavy for my size. And considering the 9V & 96.8 batterys cost almost three weeks allowance the Whites didn't get as much use. Still going Have several Whites & a Minelab or two.
    I know it's here, just need a bigger coil!

    I think I know what my last words will be....
    "Hold my beer and watch this!"

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    Mar 2007
    White's Prizm II
    1 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    About two years ago I stopped by my parents' house to visit, and while talking to my father by his workbench I noticed a small metal detector hanging on a hook nearby. "Oh cool," I said "when did you get this?" He told me my mom had picked it out of a catalog in some raffle she won at work. It was a cheap $50 Bounty Hunter. I'd always heard of metal detecting, but never gave it much thought until I saw that loud little unit in dad's workspace. Within two or three months I upgraded to a White's Prizm, and have been obsessed with what's in the ground ever since.

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    Nov 2007
    CA via TX
    4 times

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    38 years ago, I met a man with a detector, hunting under the bleachers at the local high school stadium. I was 11 years old and was at the school as part of a summer rec program. I followed him around for a few minutes and watched this guy pull quarters out of the grass with every sweep of his coil. Being the oldest child in a large family of 6 kids, and with a father who was a government worker, needless to say those quarters coming out from under that stadium were more money than I ever had in my pocket. I soon got a paper route and started saving. In a few months I had enough to buy a Sears Ted Williams (a Whites Coinmaster made for Sears) and have been hunting ever since. The sad thing is, back then I could hunt for a few hours each week and make more than I did on my paper route. Finding 2 or 3 dollars worth of coins in the early 70's would be like finding 20 or 30 dollars now, it just don't happen. I'm still finding 2 or 3 dollars (on a good day). Not as much treasure and what there is ain't worth as much. Sure miss the good ol' days. I kinda feel for the newbies who will never know just how good the finds used to be. But it's still fun.

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    da book worm--researcher

    Feb 2007
    delta 4000 / ace 250 - used BH and many others too
    3073 times
    Honorable Mentions (1)

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    my father was a detectorist --got the fever from him --his unit was an old grounghog --- dad paid the weekly milk money for the house with the clad he found --the silver he keep for hard times when things were tough

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    Aug 2007
    Colonie, NY , That's around Albany
    Teknetics Omega 8000, T2 ltd.
    220 times
    Relic Hunting

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    I think I have a couple reasons but, my main interest is History and I believe that's what lured me.
    I have more interest in finding historical things, things from the past, things I can hold in my hand and think of living in that time.
    To hold something someone 100+ years once held.

    The clad and loose change along the way just helps my quest, I guess.
    I will never, EVER, broadcast about all the gold I have found.

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    Feb 2008
    Tesoro Silver ÁMax

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    I've always been interested in history, and this just seems to be a way to get ahold of my own little piece of it. How cool is it that if things go right, and you look in the right spots, this is a hobby that will pay for itself? (Oh, and I'm sure that there are bars of gold out there waiting for me to find them! 8))


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    Apr 2007
    God's lap
    X-terra 70 ACE 250
    53 times

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    I sure hope you find them Kristopher....grab a few for the rest of us too! Welcome to Tnet as well.....won't find better treasure than this bunch of folks!!

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    Oct 2006
    Bronx, NY
    Explorer XS/II & Garrett ACE 250
    3 times

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    I like old paper currency, and the thought of finding old coins also interested me, so that's how I got into metal detecting. Now I know there is more to like than just the coins I find.
    The ground is a bank, open up an account with your metal detector.


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    Apr 2006

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    In was panning for gold in a creek somewhere in Virginia and when I was going back to my car I ran into two guys coming out of the woods with metal detectors! I asked them what they were looking for and they said CW relics. Thaqt got my interest up and I bought a Garrett top of the line unit. This was about 1982. I field of work was and is electronics so an electronic tool to find gold or treasure was for me!



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    Aug 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
    White's Vision, White's 6000DI Pro
    52 times

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    Back in the early 80's, my mom's cousin told me a story about a stash that my great grandfather had on his farm. Two trunks of silver dollars. He had bough a metal detector years earlier to try to get permission to hunt the old farm but the new owner told him to get lost.

    In my wisdom, I bought a cheap whites coinmaster 3000, figuring I'd find it at the last place my GG lived, which was quite a ways from the farm. I couldnt get permission to hunt it either...but I did get into relic hunting and some coinshooting.

    I agree with you doctorbb...coinshooting was sure a lot better back in them days. It's a fun challenge still though, looking in the hunted out places, finding that one old silver that's been passed over.
    I think...therefore I am.

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    Dec 2007
    Osceola County, Michigan
    White's MXT
    2 times

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    Always liked history & really need the exercise, anyway it seemed like a hobby that couldn't get out of hand. Yeah, right!
    CPO  USN (ret)     Civilian (ret)

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    Apr 2005
    534 times

    Re: What Got You Into Detecting?

    Back in the early 80's. my brother -In Law lost his wedding band. I helped him look for it all week-end. The next week he came back from a flea market, where he bought a metal detector for a buck. It was a child detector wit one knob for on-off, tune. We used it for a week every evening. We dug aluminum foil,nails and even a few coins,but no wedding band. I got interested as to what was in the ground. a few months later I bought the best machine Radio Shack had. It was a VLF-TR machine. It had manual ground balance,sensitivity, discrimination, and a retune button. It was a non-
    motion machine. It would find pennies-dimes at 4 inches and Quarters at 5 inches. I found a lot of coins.Back int the early 80's,you could find plenty of wheaties and silver at 4-5 inches. But I never did
    find his wedding band. Since then I have bought and sold a lot of machines, and have found my share of silver and gold jewelry.


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