Thinking about purchasing a detector
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    May 2006

    Thinking about purchasing a detector

    My question is how much does one need to spend to get a decent detector ? Please don't respond with buy the most expensive that you can afford.Also which do you reccomend to stay away from ? Would like to purchase a decent one that you don't need to take night classes to learn.Some have told me that some are hard to figure out and use.My purpose I guess would be just general detecting In Minnesota (Winona) Also if anyone knows of places to detect in my area would also be helpful.Thanks in advance for your help !

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    Re: Thinking about purchasing a detector

    You don't need a expensive detector to have fun, though many hunters get a lot of satisfaction from having more bells and whistles. Buy one of the major brands like Whites, Tesoro, Garrett or Minelab and plan on spending near $200.00 upwards for a decent one. Suggest you visit the manufactures websites to learn about their models and see what you want to spend. I could name a few detectors as everyone could, but you really need to look at what you can afford. You can always upgrade later too as you gain experience.

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    Re: Thinking about purchasing a detector

    also once you have narrowed it down
    Go to our Reviews by Owners section.
    and read what others have to say.
    and take the Good & Bad points into Consideration.

    And since your Not planning on spending enough
    for a Multi Frequency,
    I'm going to suggest something Most don't.

    IF there are others in your area,
    Find out what they are using & Buy something
    different that runs on a different Frequency
    different brand

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    Re: Thinking about purchasing a detector

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Pappagiorgio

    Welcome to the Forum ...

    Since you are new to the hobby you should not spend a fortune on a detector ... Sandman is right ~ a 200 dollar machine will find you some good stuff provided you learn it ... Most of us start with "lesser expensive" machines and once we become addicted to this great hobby some feel an UPGRADE my be the way to go...However an UPGRADE does not mean you will find more things ... It all boils down to how well you learn your machine ... There are a ton of good ones out there ~ Do some research , make a decision & start having fun ...

    It's a Splendoriffic Hobby ~ Nick

    Nick is correct, as usual. I do quite well with my little Sovereign GT.



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