What satellite technology/software is being used by geologists, if any?
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    Check What satellite technology/software is being used by geologists, if any?

    Are there any satellite tech/software being used to identify formations/faults etc?

    Other than google earth. I've seen some pretty cool stuff on the TV from scientist studying IR imaging of foliage, crops and ground cover, even the oil/fossil fuel industry using sat imagery, is something similar being used for identifying geological formations?

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    Actually, geologists have been using satellites since 1972 with the launch of Landsat satellite. The launch of Landsat 4 and 5 in 1980s carried the Thematic Mapper scanning system with had added coverage of short-wave infrared and mid-infrared regions of the spectrum. It’s still being use, but newer satellites have been launched since then with better spectral resolution and accuracy when determining surface mineralogy.

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    The market for small satellites is now growing very strongly. In this regard, new companies appear that provide launching services at an even lower price. According to forecasts of experts, the small market will more than double over the next 5 years. This will lead to increased competition and even lower launch costs. Femto-satellites (CubeSats) cost only a few thousand dollars. With joint launches, small companies will be able to afford to put their satellites into orbit with the necessary equipment.



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