Is this an Arrowhead? (Beginner Needs Help)
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Thread: Is this an Arrowhead? (Beginner Needs Help)

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    Jan 2020
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    Is this an Arrowhead? (Beginner Needs Help)


    I've recently begun to walk around creek beds near where I live in northwest Georgia (far northwest Atlanta suburb). Here's about the closest thing I can find to an arrowhead so far, and I'm not convince it is one. So just seeking some opinions.


    P.S. Sorry to be a pestering beginner :-)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nov 2014
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    No not even close no flaking no work to it like napping. Don't worry, keep looking and one day you will find the real thing and you will be amazed at the workmanship that went into making those arrowheads.

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    Banjo Man

    May 2019
    East Central Alabama
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    I agree for the previously mentioned reasons. Not an artifact. No indications it was shaped by man.

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    I don’t see any indication of it being altered by man. Most of the arrowheads that I’ve seen come from that part of the state are small, made of black, gray or tan flint. Of course lots a quartz material up that way as well. There’s a member here with a screen name of “Rock” he’s from up that way too. If you contact him by PM he probably can tell you how he’s finds artifacts up there. Might be a good contact to have since you’re just getting started. Good luck.

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    Jan 2020
    4 times
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    Thank you all for the advice.

    From reading I've done here and elsewhere to educate myself, the lack of flaking made me doubtful, but thought I'd ask anyway just to be sure my beginner eyes weren't missing anything. I know they are out there near this particular creek because others have found them, now just got to get one myself.

    Thanks again!!
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    May 2014
    Eastern Shore Maryland
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    Not one but donít give up lots of artifacts down there keep at it .... check creeks , plowed fields after a good rain
    I would rather see an authentic broken scraper posted than a G-10 Artifake!

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    the boss

    Mar 2008
    south dakota
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    Welcome to the forum!
    You have come to the right place for an opinion.

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    Feb 2020
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    A good ideal for learning look up some videos on YouTube of making arrowheads it's great to watch them chip using antler the tool ancient stone tools and weapons where made with it will bring you home on stone artifacts and life they lived in stone work smelting iron from rock makes sense when these people where the experts of their time as much as the did with stone just wonderful, another suggested thought is the arra your looking in was it possible ancient people lived there is water near or mountains they where know for living in mountain areas where rock was easy to find or dig. That's a good hint.



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