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Thread: Arc-Geo Presentation

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    Home of the Arc-Geo Logger imaging systems... As seen on the History Channel

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    Arc-Geo Presentation

    Some have asked me to post on the presentation givin by Mr. Bob Brewer. Jeff is this is not allow please delete it.


    I started the presentation and explained the basic of the Arc-Geo and how it's used. Mr. Bob Brewer came up and talked about how he uses the unit. I was amazed to see the depth he was getting using the Arc-Geo and a Tm-808.

    He told of one site that he had a good plot and target location. He sent the data to Dan Woods. Dan Woods is the Geophysicist that did the field test report on the logger. Dan has been looking at the data and tring to see if depth can be determine by the data. He told Bob that the target looked to be about 13 feet deep and it was iron. So Mr. Brewer dug the hole and found 8-10 golf ball size round iron balls at 12 feet 9 inches! He showed pictures of the balls standing in the hole. This is measured depth, not an estmate!

    He then went on to tell of an area he was in that had high minerialization. The detector was sound off over the area. If any of you ever tried to detect in that kind of area you know what he was talking about. He ploted the area and looked at the plot and it was mostly high colors from the minerals and thought it was not good. But he sent it to Dan to look at and see if he could see anything. Dan told Bob that even with the over all plot showing high readings, 2 small target were in the plot! It seems that because the software looks at the over all data and brings out targets above and below the average reading, the targets showed up. Also it helps when you can see the plot and the two spots in the high areas standing out. Dan also told him the depth was about 30-36 inches!

    So Mr. Brewer dug the targets and found that they were the KGC markers he was looking for! One of the markers was a iron ring with the letter J inside! So is it possible to see in minerialized soil? You bet you can! The tagets were both at 30 inches!

    Mr. Brewer and his team has the most time with the logger that I know of. Bob and Jhon London told me they can log over 4000 sq. feet in less than 40 mins using the logger! These are some huge grids. Mr. Brewer told me that before the Arc-Geo, he was detecting the old fashion way and would spend days in one area. He told me if it were not for the Arc-Geo he would have never saw the two most important KGC markers he needed.

    Dan has done computer plots with the data from pass plots and has determined that using the Arc-Geo and a 2-box unit you can see a large target up to 25 feet! This is a fact.

    I want to thank Mr. Brewer for sharing his work on the Arc-Geo logger. The Arc-Geo is what he uses now. Target imaging is the future of metal detectors. What I posted here is the same information shared by Mr. Brewer at the show. I only wish I had the pictures.

    There were TV crews filming at the time of the 2 KGC recoveries. He told me he held up the letter J and said, Thats what we have been looking for!

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    Re: Arc-Geo Presentation

    I see no Problem.

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    How can I contact Bob or Mr woods
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