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    Oct 2014
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    Can magnetometers be used for positional tracking?

    There are many arguments arising about this. I think itís possible but it need to be used in conjunction with accelerometers. Then it may give the absolute orientation. But references along two axes are necessary. It requires separate station to get good accuracy. Some may prefer an optical/magnetic tracking system for absolute position tracking.

    Vector Magnetometers - Gem Systems are good for single target tracking. But whether it can be used for an accurate position tracking is a very wide topic which need to be discussed.

    What are your thoughts about this?

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    A vector mag can tell you its orientation in 3 axes relative to earth field (or other ambient field), but provides no information on position or velocity. Depending on the app, a vector mag might sub for (or be an improvement on) a 3-axis gyro-- another sensor type which provides no information on position or velocity.

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    If you know the area you are working to less than one degree, it might be possible to use inclination and declination to locate a rough position...

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    Apr 2007
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    Fluxgate magnetometers have been used for navigation for many years.

    They can measure direction only. A magnetometer provides a vector in a 3D field at best.

    For navigation, you need to solve time, speed and distance.

    - Geowizard



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