which device to use ??
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    Jun 2015
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    which device to use ??

    I want some advise on which devise to use to detect medium to large cavities with average depth of 5-7 meters in sandy rocky soil. Previously i have purchased an electrical resistivity device called landmapper ERM01 from a company called Lanvisor. The device was not bad but as with most of the ERM devices the work and time needed for the detection was too much, plus the hassle of changing the location of the probes and the wiring and all that, then comes the final challenge of refining the readings and importing them to the software "i used RES2DINV". I had a lot of support from the company and did so much studying to be able to use the device but it just takes too much time and effort specially in the case of deep detection where you need to cover more length with the porbes to reach your depth.

    I have decided to buy a new device and after doing some research on the net i found the following devices to chose from:

    1- OKM Rover CII " http://www.okmmetaldetectors.com/pro...on.php?lang=en "
    but i have came across bad reviews and comments on the OKM products .... Is it really that bad?

    2- AEMP-14- Multi-frequency Electro-Magnetic Induction sounding " http://www.landviser.net/content/aem...ction-sounding "
    its also a product of Landvisor (a company that i trust based on personal experience) but i still do not know anything about the technology and efficiency given that the device is not cheap and costs around 12,000 USD.

    3- EasyRad GPR 20-400 MHZ " EASYRAD, Õ*ðüêîâ, Óêð*è**, Kharkov, Ukraine "
    4- EasyRad GPR 500 MHZ - 1 GHZ " EASYRAD, Õ*ðüêîâ, Óêð*è**, Kharkov, Ukraine "
    I am also new to GPR but i have the feeling that it is the most promising device of all, but again im not sure if im right.

    I need help on choosing the most suitable and efficient device from the above list of even any other suggestion that may guide me to the right direction.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Mar 2014
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    I would suggest a GPR unit but this may be a bit expensive. I know GSSI offers a radar with a 400MHz antenna and is at promotion right now at around 14k$. GSSI for me is by far the best GPR company.

    If you want an EM device perhaps you could look around for either a profiler or a CMD from GF. The latter costs around 12k$



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