Can anyone help me learn to work with avaris or other sattelite sensor data?
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    Dec 2015
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    Can anyone help me learn to work with avaris or other sattelite sensor data?

    I have managed to find my way to the data files for several sattelites that are listed as having sensors usefull for mapping minerals. I understand the various spectrums and instruments. I have even downloaded some files that say they are complete data sets. However I have been completely unable to make any useful sense out of them.

    Is there an open source program I can use to interpret them? A tutorial that will explain the steps required? I really wanna be able to map the gossans in certain area's. It would save me allot of time next spring narrowing down possible target locations on the ground.

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    I don't know to much about avaris and other satellite sensor data but I do know quite a bit about other geophysical technologies. Is this the only technology you are able to use to collect the data you are trying to collect?



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