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    Sep 2008
    dallas georgia

    what are the best tools to find treasure in geogia

    thank you to all who help me out

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    Apr 2005
    Mid Michigan
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    Re: what are the best tools to find treasure in geogia

    Here is some basic that may help. First important tool is the Library. Its chucked full of information. Take lots of notes and if you can get old maps of the area you are going to hunt and compare them with todays maps. You will probably find roads that no longer exist today. Plat Maps also help. Next a good eye. When your out hunting, look for signs that people had been there before. old broken up pottery, bottles, depressions in the ground, flowers that look like they were planted, old orchards, etc. One thing you didn't mention was what type of treasure your looking for, gold, relics, caches, etc. You can even walk the banks of rivers looking for arrow heads. I like to take a sifter with me when I go to a river sometimes just to scoop up the river bottom and sift it to see if I find anything. Its a fun way to still treasure hunt without costing a lot and also carrying a lot of equipment. Be careful of fishing lures! They hurt when you get one in the hand. I found out the hard way. If you really put you mind to it you can find treasure without costing you an arm and a leg. Good Luck!

    Your Friend,

    Steve in Michigan

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    da book worm--researcher

    Feb 2007
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    Re: what are the best tools to find treasure in geogia

    the most important tool is a curious nature of mind -- always be on the look out for information --find out your local area history --was the any civil war battles or camp sites near by? -- was there any old unsolved robberys of stores or banks or wealthy persons? where did folks of old gather for fairs or canivals ? where was the ole swimming hole at? talk to old folks when you can often they want to talk of old times but say nothing cuase everyones heard their "old stories too often"--do not press them to hard but slowly chat with them "milking" them for the often valuible knowledge locked in their heads* --librarys and tax deeds offices often can tell you where places used to be and local history--plat maps and the general "lay of the land" will guide you to likely homestead spots .

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    Sep 2004
    Down South - Marietta, GA
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    Re: what are the best tools to find treasure in geogia

    The best tool is research! A broad question like the one posted in the title of your post doesn't bode well for yor chances of success. Get out there and "Google around" for some basic knowledge and ask some meaningful questions. Follow Ivan's advice. No one is going to hand you a magic key for finding treasure. If it were that easy there would be nothing left to find. Oh yeah, your chances of getting rich or even just breaking even are less than being struck by lightning. That being said, best of luck in your searches.




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