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    May 2006
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    Hey Cyn, that was a mining car bridge that ends at the right edge of the picture. Good guess, the ravine is nearly 200 feet deep at that spot! The bridge terminates as if never finished, OR it eventually crashed from rotting and was cleaned up a little bit. There are lots of wood planks lying below. The public area pictured in that particular image is just outside of Durango, Colorado. The rest of the images are quite a distance from there.

    Quote Originally Posted by fleamistress
    Quote Originally Posted by ScottNewMexico
    Yep. Found it by accident. The only area not found by accident, as it was a public area was the second-to-last photo.

    I don't understand the question: Did you take a jaunt over the bridge? The journey was indeed kind of long, but was for pleasure.
    I thought I saw a little bridge on the right in one over you pics. I imagined a 500' ravine below it...


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    Looking for my First Buried Chest...LOL

    Oct 2005
    Virginia Beach, VA
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    Great Pics my friend. It would be hard to get me to leave that place.
    It's only a dream until you find that pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow.

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    Feb 2005
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    Awesome pictures and site, hope you get that detector figured out! HH, Mike

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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    Wow I dont know how I missed this post. These photos are great. I cant wait to see what you pull out of this place. That dump wont be far from those buildings. Locate the privys. Any chance of you getting photos when this place was in its hey day?
    Check the floor board of the buildings for hidden loot.
    Good Luck!
    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    May 2006
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    Wow, great looking site. Thanks for sharing the pics. I hope you go back there and do some detecting!

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    Sep 2006
    Lone Star State
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    a lot of times in the old old old days people hauled their trash up-hill for disposal. this is most often true because the roads on hills and mountains are most commonly below the houses. the trash, therefore, would be hauled uphill and far out of site so as not to be seen by the rest of the communithy or passers-through. each person typically hauled his own trash uphill. the further uphill it was hauled the longer it took trash to make its way back down the hill. this is evident in very wooded old growth hills and mountains too. my great-grandmother-in-law's place in the smokies above Ashville is the same way. i have found tons of old cars, key-can beers (spartan) all buried under the soil afew inches and all uphill from the house. hope this helps with the next time you go back. being that they all knew mining weas temporary i imagine that no one really organized a central location for trash, but, one never knows. FIND THOSE HOUSES!!!! GOOD LUCK NEXT TIME!
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    ScottNM, that's a treasure hunters paradise you've got pictured here. The pic with the boulder at the base of the wooden crib chute looks similar to a famous photo that has been on magazine covers, enlarged for sale as wall posters, used in print advertisements, etc. I can't post it here because it is copyrighted, but the similarities were dead giveaways to the general location of that site. The other site, which you say is quite distant, is that also in Colorado? All of the photos appear to me to be in Colorado, or at least in the Rocky Mountain States, and not the Mid-West. I visited the town of Leadville, Colorado a few years ago and the approach to the town had headframes, tailing piles, etc. very much like the ones in your pix. Where ever that is, I hope you find all kinds of great stuff. The dump(s) have got to be intact since the buildings don't look disturbed by the hand of man (just by the hands of Mother Nature). I'd never leave if I found an undisturbed place like that. Well, OK, once the snow starts to fly I'd be out of there. lol

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    Mar 2004
    New Mexico
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottNewMexico
    Yes, I did do some research on the area and found it to be active in 1853 to about 1867 or so. I did this after I found the area by accident! It was beautiful there and all that I thought of was the people there. Seems there were about 50 residents there that mined for gold. Apparently there was little recovered there during the time spent. It was literally like traveling back in time. There was NO trash there and no evidence of modern infiltration. My girlfriend found the top of a thick, light purple bottle that had broken from the rest of the bottle, but we couldn't find a dump in the town on our visit. It is there, just don't know where yet. I can't wait to return there to try finding these things!

    Thanks for your compliment - it is truely appreciated!

    Quote Originally Posted by SHERMANVILLE ILLINOIS

    very nice group of pics.

    Must have been something to see, when
    folks where around.

    Did you do much research on the area
    prior to your hunt? If so, what dates
    was the location active? Do any looking
    for dumps?

    Again, thanks for posting, very nice.

    have a good un............

    Great pics. Looks a lot like Midnight and Anchor ghost towns looked in the 1950s when you had to get to them on horseback. I've heard a commune of alternative lifestyle folk tried to winter up there in the 1960s and ended up burning most everything for firewood before the snowmelt allowed them to escape.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Good to know the place is out there somewhere.


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    Aug 2007
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    Re: Abandoned mining town pictures as promised

    All those photos are fantastic and your so very lucky to have this site to hunt.. ok am gonna ask so don't laugh ok, but dont you have to find who owns that land to hunt it.. as this is totally out of my realm am just curious. Either way, I hope you find alot of things there.. I would love to see more photos so I can dream on..

    thanks for sharing,
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