Method question for Magnetite.
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Thread: Method question for Magnetite.

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    Doc Rogers

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    Cool Method question for Magnetite.

    What pray tell is the accepted way to handle large amounts of black sand separation? I know a wheel won't work, and can't see affording a table.
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    You need to pose your question in one of the categories listed here. Gold Prospecting Forum. This particular category is specific to goldhog and as you can see virtually not used. That said, sieving everything to like size (ex. 30, 50, 100 mesh) and pan each size separately usually works without resorting to other equipment. Plus 30 mesh is pretty easy to pan but panning gets more difficult the smaller the mesh is 3 or more times heavier than most anything it's own size so much easier to isolate by panning only like sized material. With smaller mesh sizes, don't try to pan in large quantities since you will likely lose gold to the tailings. Magnets reduce volume but sometimes gold gets entangled with the black sand on the magnet so you have to go through the process again and again usually before you separate the magnetic material from non magnetics including gold.

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