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    Jan 2009
    Corvallis, OR

    Anybody ever use a Grizzly gold pan

    I'm new on the forum and new to prosecting but have been an avid metal detectorist for the last 12-15 years. I am interested in buying a grizzly gold pan and just wondering if anybody here has used one and what they thought of it.


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    Apr 2008
    Fresno Ca
    Whites GMT
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    Re: Anybody ever use a Grizzly gold pan


    Heres why in the bottom of the pan theres a little plastic stopper, hats so you can drain out your fines, all it takes is bumping that and it pops off and you lose all your gold out the bottom.

    Just buy a small pan to start practicing with I like to use a cleanup pan A LOT I think its a 10" pan when your good with that go to a 14" if you want a REAL EASY pan to use get the Gold Rush Pro heres some video on that pan

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    Re: Anybody ever use a Grizzly gold pan

    Hi Baggerman:

    With all due respect to the previous post, don't be to quick not to purchase one. I decided to get one after talking to a number of users. I got it over at Kellyco a few days ago and just tested it this morning. Out of the test bag of concentrate I used I had a 100% recovery of fine flower gold the 1st time through. I ran the bag through 3 times and finished with an approximate average of 99.8% recovery. That's pretty good for that really fine stuff.

    While I was working it through, I purposely attempted to dislodge the bottom plug. The only times I succeeded were when I did not have the plug totally seated (as was pointed out in the instructions).

    I'm really looking forward to using this on a project this summer and will pick another one up before taking off.


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    Jan 2009
    Corvallis, OR

    Re: Anybody ever use a Grizzly gold pan


    Thanks for the update, I thought I might buy one and try it at home in a controlled environment and after your feedback I'm sure I will give one a try.


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    Jul 2008

    Re: Anybody ever use a Grizzly gold pan

    I've got a Grizzly pan and Gold Miser mini-sluice.

    I don't care for it, I'm sure it's faster at pure concentration of black sands but overall it's awkward.

    First of all you still have to do something with your concentrates and that "something" isn't going to happen in the Grizzly pan. I suppose that's why you get a mini-sluice, but any speed you picked up is now lost feeding half teaspoons into the little sluice. Besides who doesn't like to "peek" a little when panning No peeking with the Grizzly!

    Something else that rears the head of gadget disappointment is the lack of utility of the Grizzly pan. Think of all the other things you do with your traditional gold pans, how nice and steady they sit there while you clean a hand sluice into them, or have it sitting next to you crevicing with a classifier on top. Sitting next to the high banker so you have a handy place to throw an interesting specimen. Soaking clay balls, soaking your feet, hell the list goes on and on.


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    Oct 2008

    Re: Anybody ever use a Grizzly gold pan

    Yes I have one and like it very much for end stage processing. I use it most after taking material through the 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch classifier. I have never lost the rubber plug in the bottom as long as I don't scrape it harshly across the creek or a tub bottom. It processes material so much faster and the engineering behind it is superb. You must get the video with it and go through it to get better results. It is a simple back and forth wrist snap action.

    It is just another tool in your kit and not required to stop using your round pans.

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    Oct 2009
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    Re: Anybody ever use a Grizzly gold pan

    I have one. it's a great tool. i've never lost the black stopper either. I don't like the micro mini sluice though. I carry the grizzly and a regular pan. I just put the concentrates into the regular pan, and pan it all out when I'm done. Seems to work great. It really fast and I've had about as good of results with it as with my regular sluice. The manufacturer stopped making them, so if you want one you better get it quick before they are all gone. Can't beat the price either.



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