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    Mining in the Klondike

    I will be returning to my mining claims in the Klondike in about one month. I have been getting calls from my friends in Dawson City and Whitehorse. A word of caution! I saw a lot of nervousness on the creeks before I left last year, and it appears there will be some coming into the Klondike looking for claims.
    The technicalities for foreigners (Americans) mining there are very strict. There are many who do not know that the program on tv for this last season was in Canada-not Alaska. Americans (foreigners) will need a restricted visa or work permit, depending on their claim ownership percentage. You can have no Americans working for you. You can only hire Canadians. The show actually had the fellow from Haines, Alaska, visiting Klondike miner Tony Betts. He mentioned coming up to work for him. This is illegal.
    In my thirty-four years there, I have seen many foreigners get in trouble. The usual situation is that when they get caught, everything they have with them (equipment, vehicle, etc.) sits there and rots while they are deported back to their country of origin.
    I am an an American mining in the Canadian Klondike and the Canadian authorities have treated me very well because I have always had my papers in order and have followed all the rules.
    Getting a license to mine there is a nightmare. It will take a minimum of a year. It is a land use and water permit. It is about eighty pages and highly technical. I have helped two friends make out theirs. One, in Whitehorse, is going through many government meetings now to get his license. He called me yesterday and told me he just had a meeting with the Safety Board. They told him he would have to take a medical safety course, get certain medical equipment on site (such as a prescribed medical kit, stretcher, etc.) wear approved safety equipment and much more. All heavy equipment must have safety features approved by a civil engineer. The list goes on and on.
    Your license locks you into giving a description of the ground before you mine, a complete mining plan based on their strict regulations, and a plan for reclamation. Everything on the claim must be temporary, such as living facilities. All must be accomplished and moved off the mining claim within the time limit agreed to. Roads must be reclaimed also. All of this has to be agreed to by many government agencies, environmental agencies, and local Indian tribes.
    Attached is the regulations for foreign miners. Note that it is dated 2002, so it would be advisable to check to see if it is the latest.
    Do not come unprepared, you will be disappointed.
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    Thanks for the very informative post. I don't mine but I do watch the show.

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    I guess it must be worth all the trouble, because you obviously continue to work there. Good luck on your take this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomjiggy View Post
    I guess it must be worth all the trouble, because you obviously continue to work there. Good luck on your take this year
    I started there back in 1978 when it was simple. It is still somewhat better for me as I am "grandfathered." I have to meet the mining regulations, but am exempt for a few of the rules. One is that I built my cabin there in 1984. You are no longer allowed to do that as you now must use only temporary structures. I built my cabin under the old claim grant rules.
    If I had to try to set up there now, I probably wouldn't do it. I saw the rules change slowly over the thirty-four years and flowed with it. When you start out now it might seem overwhelming.
    I have good claims their and have made a buck, even paid taxes. Also, all our friends are there now and we like returning to our little cabin in the Klondike every summer. I have the rights to an entire valley, rim rock to rim rock. I have the rights beyond my lifetime. You get used to something so you tough out the bureaucracy.

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    Glad to see you back on board Gork.

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    Once everyone see Gold, or Shipwreck Treasure, or Relices...

    We have the some-what same problem over here in Florida Beach's.. everyone watch's TV show's thinking Spanish treasure all over the Beach's..
    everyone buy's detectors hit's the beach's " Foreigners " ( Norther's or Yankee's ) goes in the dunes digging, and leaving unburied holes every where..
    and try to get a Permit to salvage a shipwreck, you have a better chance winning the Lotto!..... Last month the Florida Senate try to Ban all Metal Detecting...
    The Bill got stop!!! but there still trying to Ban detecting...
    before going out,, Research the Laws, and what Permit's Needed!!!!!!

    Just hope everything settles down over there, and over here with gold hunting, and Treasure hunting..

    Good Luck to all



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