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    May 2009
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    Gold from pyrite , I tried an experiment.

    After learning that certain types of pyrite can contain gold , my mind has been going in circles trying to understand the process of removing it. Today , just as an experiment to see how it looks when it melts and whats left after meliting I tried an experiment. I made a concave depression in a charcoal briquete and put 7 little pieces of pyrite in it , then melted it down with a propane torch. It looked like melted black glass and after it cooled I carefully tapped it with a hammer so pieces didnt go everywhere. I almost missed this while combing through the little black bits of slag , its a small almost pinhead size piece of gold around the size of the flakes I find at the creek. I knew there may be gold in it but I didnt think there would be enough to be visible. Here is a pic , its not that good since I have nothing to take micro pictures with , I just used a flatbed scanner , but it shows atleast a vague resemblance. For the record though , if anybody tries this I recommend eye protection , gloves , and do it outside standing upwind since the fumes could be toxic. Name:  slag4.jpg
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