Blazing trails
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    May 2012
    Kent, Wa.
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    Blazing trails

    Went up tp supposedly go prospecting in the upper creek where we pan, my brother heard me pull up and calls me.
    Hey were across the highway cutting a trail to the upper creek,y adda yadda.

    Um, i wanna go panning not cutting brush lol!
    well, we ended up in a marsh and gave up then just blazed the brush to the creek lol!
    Got a couple tiny flakes in the one bucket we ran, will be going back but will go in the easy way. down the highway and drop in above the creek with a hand line (rope) for easier entry into the little valley.

    just sucks walking up the highway with all our gear for everyone to see.

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    Waiting for the water level in the creek to shrink a bit before going back, this is a dangerous position to be in knowing the drop on the other end is 15 feet into large rocks lol! but i wanna dig out the sediment next to and just inside this beauty.
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    Jun 2009
    republic of trinity usa
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    drop your gear over the side and secured out of sight,remove vehicle from area,hike back and proceed.i like to yard sale xtra sluices,pans etc. for such areas.ongoing sampling expedited by xtra gear concealed lesson learned tho,do not weatherize cached gear with trashbags.bears have a geneticaly imprinted atraction to heftybags,and will do anything to get at them.bears once moved a couple yards of large handstacked cobbles to tear up a new heftybag protecting one of my beloved honda pumps which was disguised as a tailing pile.left the pump upside down,which taught me to always have a sparkplug wrench+xtra oil change on cylinder head full of oil,and engine effectively siezed until drained.have a good medium length dig bar for culverts,compaction can be truly awesome.that big leaf maple in pic may have roots throughout pipe an xample.guy i knew hit big in one of those,be sure check upper side of the pipe too.a good lantern or two helps as well.happy huntin

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    May 2012
    Kent, Wa.
    140 times
    yeah, i am planning on tinkering around the sides a bit where the high water pushed the bling bling behind the old concrete.
    Its all hollowed out back there from time and erosion.

    I also plan on sweeping up the inside of the culvert once the water level drops in the summer heat.

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    cant wait for good weather.

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    Jun 2012
    arrr, just need me nose
    97 times
    If you don't want to draw too much attention, hide your gear in bags or wrap it up in some cloth while walking along roads, just make sure it doesn't look like you are carrying a body and a shovel



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