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    Buying paydirt

    Hello im turning 13 in a few days and i just began gold prospecting. I live in middle tennessee (not very close to very rich gold creeks) For my birthday I was thinking I should either take a few friends to coker creek to pan for a day (the real thing)or should I order ten pounds of paydirt at paydirt world. I dont think that they plant any gold in bags but i wanna know if it legit or not. you can also order it from specific places like Nome, Alaska, California ...etc where should I order it from if I do get it.

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    Just buy gold flakes on e-bay and salt your own dirt. You get more gold for your money that way.
    Otherwise you will lose about 25 to 30% or more once you include shipping by buying salted paydirt. Commercial sellers all salt their paydirt and usually know to the 10th of a gram how much gold is in each bag whether they admit to it or not.

    That being said there are some non commercial sellers of paydirt that differ from what I stated above. One such seller is T-nets own kuger
    Send him a pm and get the most gold bang for your buck.

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    Why not do both, get some paydirt from Kuger and go out to pan with your pals?

    Try to find bedrock and dig those cracks out.

    Good luck and happy 13th.
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