Prospecting Gloves - Advice?
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Thread: Prospecting Gloves - Advice?

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    Mar 2010
    Denver, CO

    Question Prospecting Gloves - Advice?

    I've been cutting up my hands quite a bit with my recent diggings. I've been thinking about getting some gloves for protection while I'm out digging in the river. What does everyone else use for gloves? I will be getting them wet and I'd prefer if I didn't have to worry about them falling off (maybe something with straps at the wrist). Suggestions of kind and where to buy would be greatly appreciated!

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    Jul 2013
    Northern California
    Whites GMT V/SAT
    5170 times
    Real miners don't wear gloves-lol! Sorry man, someone was gonna say it, might as well get it out of the way. Now if, IF a miner was to wear gloves, I've heard the cotton ones with the rubber dipped fingers work well. There cheap, last a long time and I've heard harbor freight sells them in a 5 or 10 pair bundle. But that's just what I've heard because real miners don't wear gloves. Cough cough.
    On a serious note, be careful with wrist strap gloves. If you need to get your hand out of a caught up glove you should be able to do so with the hand that's in it. Not a big fan of wrist straps

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    May 2013
    2345 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Pretty sure these are the ones we buy.
    You'll lose them, so don't pay much.
    We use these both for land and for underwater during the summer months dredging.

    Shop MECHANIX WEAR Large Unisex Multipurpose Gloves at

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    Dec 2010
    1481 times
    Nothing lasts...

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    May 2013
    2345 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Hefty1 View Post
    Nothing lasts...
    Very true...
    Dive gloves get REALLY expensive and don't last long either, so that's why we went to these.
    With about 30 hours diving a week, we buy them like cheap beer.
    We know both (cheap beer and mining gloves) go quickly and and after several... no one really cares.

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    Oct 2008
    Northern California
    1094 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    That glove list as $9.97 per pair at Lowes site Doc. Is that the price you folks pay?

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    Jim Bowers

    Mar 2013
    Hendricksville Indiana
    475 times
    Woodcarvers gloves, mde with kevlar. Wood Carving Gloves

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    Dec 2012
    Concrete, WA
    Nokta FoRs Gold, a Gold Cube, 2 Keene Sluices and Lord only knows how many pans....not to mention a load of other gear my wife still doesn't know about!
    6727 times
    AngerMD..Prospecting isn't some kind of contest, so ignore those guys who
    think ya gotta be "manly" enough to keep your hands in 38 water all day. Don't
    know where they're prospecting at, but let 'em come up here and spend an hour
    with their hands bare, panning in what is little more than freshly melted snow..

    These are lifesavers (and finger savers, too!) Custom Leathercraft 2084L PVC Gloves with 18-Inch Gauntlet Cuff, Large: Home Improvement

    Not spendy at all, and while they don't last forever, they do last a long time if'n
    ya take care of 'em.

    These are a bit longer, and are made for commercial fishing (they should be tougher
    than the above)

    Atlas Glove WG772L 26-Inch Long Sleeve Nitrile Coated Cotton Lined Work Gloves, Large -

    There's another 50 styles of them on Amazon, and most all are under $20
    per pair. If you like working creeks in the winter, a couple pair in the pack is good
    insurance against frozen, beat up fingers.
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    Mike (aka Dizz)

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    Jun 2013
    175 times
    I like to use asphalt or Kevlar coated gloves. They are usually decently cheap and last a long time.
    Aside from the cold water there's lots of sharp objects in the rivers/creeks
    Razor blades, nails, broken glass, jagged rusted metal, etc.
    I personally prefer spending 20 bucks on a decent set of gloves compared to a nice gaping wound jam packed full of random bacteria and tetnis.
    But that's just me

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    My Hearts Desire

    Nov 2010
    Camptonville, CA
    GMT&GM3 Whites MXT Pro, Shadow X5, Fisher 1280, OMG and the TDI
    1294 times
    best pair of gloves for water, my one pair have been around for about five years of course four of which been unbl to dredge, cheap and will last a long time,
    when movin rock above water, leather, with a coating of poxy two part and put just on the finger tips this is where thay wear out for me all the time
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    Author of a book about finding gold in Colorado

    Jan 2012
    Summit County, Colorado
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    I use the nylon gloves on the left in warmer water because they don't absorb much water, protect my hands well and cost about $2 at Lowes or Home Depot. The ones on the right are $8 (I think) from Harbor Freight. With or without glove liners they keep me dry and warm in cold weather...I prospect right thru winter in Colorado!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ...and I agree that hand protection is important. A piece of glass or a sharp rock can end a day in the field or lead to infection otherwise.

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    May 2013
    2345 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by delnorter View Post
    That glove list as $9.97 per pair at Lowes site Doc. Is that the price you folks pay?
    They run about 9 - 13 I think, but worth every penny when you're diving all day and moving rocks.
    Also, if you've never had your fingers jammed between a rock and a big dredge nozzle... you ain't livin....

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    Feb 2013
    Rock Nose and sniffer belly
    347 times
    I tried out the GORILLA gloves and tore them up in a day but I gotta say they had the best wet grip I have ever experienced but the TOOL HANDS are the best for long lasting durable grip. I cut the wrist strap off for the same reason listed above. Black Stallion Tool Hands PLUS Reinforced Snug Fit Gloves 99PLUS
    I build my own Cuz yours isn't good enough

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    Jul 2013
    Northern California
    Whites GMT V/SAT
    5170 times
    I apologize for the manly jokes. I have enrolled in sensitivity training thru my works HR dept. (Was gonna make an obama care joke but thought I better not)
    These are mine; left- skin tight summer $10/10 prs., middle-spring and fall <$5/pr., Right- insulated winter $5/pr. All of them last a pretty fair while, good luck.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Northern California

    Aug 2007
    Southern California
    XLT, GMT, 6000D Coinmaster
    4609 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I find that if I move/pick up/throw/move rocks on top of a classifier or do anything else with my bare hands related to prospecting they get torn up rather quickly. Leather gloves do not last as the fingers wear out. I just went through a new plastic coated cotton glove in a morning of moving rocks and panning. I would say whatever is cheapest as they are not going to last but sure are appreciated.

    Sensitivity training, Baahh! LOL...........................63bkpkr
    Out searching w/GMT & friend under my arm


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