Bazooka gold trap 24"
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Thread: Bazooka gold trap 24"

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    Nov 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Gold Bar Bazooka gold trap 24"

    Just had a few questions about these. Looking to buy one and not sure
    What size IDE be happy with. Tryin to stay on the cheaper side of things
    But I'm worried about going to small and being u happy. What's the most efficient and effective
    Size for the guy with a bucket and a shovel. I want to move the most material I can obviously
    But I want to be able to pack it if I have to. Any size suggestions or experiences
    Knowledge if I should confided a different sluice? Thanks for any help!

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    Jul 2013
    Northern California
    Whites GMT V/SAT
    5170 times
    I would suggest the super mini. If you go to the Sluicing section of the gold prospecting forum there are a ton of threads on the Bazookas. Good choice and good luck, you will be happy with whichever one you decide on
    Folks may not remember the words of what you said but they dang sure will remember how you made them feel!

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    Jan 2013
    41 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Ask yourself a few question first.

    Are you going to be able to have good waterflow? Are you going to be able to shovel directly into the sluice? Does the streams you'll be sluicing in water level drop and raise threwout the day?

    If you have a constant level with good flow and will be able to shovel directly into the sluice the prospector will be abke to clear off a shovel full by the time you get the next shovel full ready to sluice. Minus any rather large rocks. I have to clear off rocks half pound and up by hand.

    If you will be working away from your sluicing area I would go with the super mini just because of the fact you will have to shovel from a bucket into the sluice anyway so it will be slower. Plus carrying the mini out at the end of the day after shoveling all day will save you a little wear and tear on the body.

    Which ever you decide you will love it. It has a slight learning curve setting it up but after that you'll be able to just go in set up and work. I love mine and have never had any gold lost. I regular catch gold I can only see with a loop all the way up to nice nuggets and quartz specimens too.

    Good choice and I hope this info helps.
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    Nov 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thinkin ill most likely be shoveling and using buckets. I think ill start a little smaller to try it out thank u for the tips!

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    Author of a book about finding gold in Colorado

    Jan 2012
    Summit County, Colorado
    Grizzly Goldtrap Explorer & Motherlode, Gold Cube with Banker on top, Bazooka Goldtrap sluices, Angus Mackirk Expedition, Gold-n-Sand Xtream Hand pump
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    Sounds wise Hunter. I have both the Supermini and the Prospector. I think the comments above are right on. You can shovel directly into the Supermini, just barely but it's sure easy to carry around and doesn't need much flow of water. That said, when I can run it, I prefer the Prospector...faster = more gold!
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    May 2013
    The Golden State
    Whites Goldmaster V/SAT. VibraProbe. Bazooka 48" Prospector Sluice. Shorts. Chickens + Goats + Goldhounds. 35' Chris Craft Caribbean motorsailer. FISH OIL + BURLAP
    4848 times
    I have the 48" Prospector. It's a beast! I will be adding the super mini down the road for remote bouldering and crevice work.
    I am a teacher, hydrologist, biologist and a prospector.

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    Nov 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Should I be worried about getting one to small and production wouldn't
    Make me happy. I'm 23 done excavation since I was a kid so I can move some dirt. Just concerned about
    Goin to small I suppose

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    Jan 2013
    41 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter397 View Post
    Should I be worried about getting one to small and production wouldn't
    Make me happy. I'm 23 done excavation since I was a kid so I can move some dirt. Just concerned about
    Goin to small I suppose
    I bought a prospector first but I work on rivers mostly and I got a mini after I relized that most creeks the prospector is harder to set up because the flow in the creeks where the gold accumulates is ussally slower moving waters.

    I also use the mini for testing it can move five gallons in about four mintues using a scope not a shovel and I ckassify test holes to 1/2 inch just because I'm testing and can fit more material I to the bucket. I do t have the super mini but I think it would fall right inbetween the two models and give you more processing power.

    It really matters about water flow thou. These sluice will work good in almost any flow but if you have good flow they will processes matrial like crazy. I was so shocked the first time I kept testing my tailings looking for gold. I even thought maybe I was working in poor matrial and did cleanups lol. But i wasnt losing anything. don't worry they catch all the gold and heavies.
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