Claim owners detained by F and W
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Thread: Claim owners detained by F and W

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    Feb 2013
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    Claim owners detained by F and W

    In the Fresno area a couple of small scale miners are being detained by the fish and game tonight.

    They have requested the Sheriffs to come up and represent them at citizens of Fresno County.

    The small scale miners are maintaining F and W have no jurisidiction on an actual mining claim.

    Updates as they become available.

    This will start happening a lot more now that the agencies think they have the regs locked down.

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    May 2012
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    Can't wait for more details. Thanks for the heads up, dredgeman - hopefully Sheriff Mimms will back up her talk about being miner-friendly.
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    Feb 2013
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    We have spent a year and half talking with the Sheriffs and her assistants. Unfortunately the higher ups are out of town.
    The rank and file are supposed to know about what is going on.

    We have fingers crossed

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    Dec 2010
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    What are they being detained for? Can only be detained for so charged or let go.

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    Sep 2013
    New Hampshire
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    Looking forward to details

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    Mar 2003
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    24 hours and jailbirds must be let go free to fly without charges-if charged longer till bail set by magistrate-Dredge ban moratorium up the first so all open anyhow as CDFW refuses to permit is illegal so F'M'-JohnJohn
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    Mar 2012
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    Can't really say much without knowing the details of course, but F&W could be opening a can of worms they don't want. They just might come across a Claude Dallas type who will not tolerate their abuse.
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    Feb 2013
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    As of this morning the two were cited and their equipment taken. A Sheriff deputy showed up and said he had no directive from his bosses and let it happen. The Sheriff deputy said that he had heard some mention about mining stuff.

    So here we go again. Another court case to wade thru. This will make the sixth ticket and court in our area.

    John the emergency declaration on dredging runs until June 26th.
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    Nov 2008
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    I sure hope they go to the same sheriffs office and file charges against the F&W for interfeing with a federal mining claim, Oh & charges against the sheriff deputy too. His boss would like that....
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    Mar 2003
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    Never stopped determined folks anyhow-thanx for correct date DM. Sooo may cases,hearings,closures from the san gabriels,el dorados and trinity to clear creek MY GOD a firestorm(cleaned up for censors sniveling) of legal bs all over the bloody state-John
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    Feb 2013
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    John IT IS an all out attack in multiple states.

    New update.
    The Small Scale Miners handled it well. Informing the forest agent and fish and wildlife.
    1 They are on public domain, not public lands
    2 They are interfering with an active mining claim
    3 They are committing conspiracy (since two agents from different agencies)
    4 The agencies are breaking federal laws.
    5 The agencies get policing powers from the Consitutionally elected Sheriff.
    Multiple other good points.

    The deputy was actually good. He told them that if he has to arrest the Agents he will notify them first.

    The local claim owners have a meeting with the Sheriff today if possible to discuss whats next.

    The claim owners handled it in a very professional, matter of fact way. The Claim owners have contacted everyone to determine how we are going to fight this one.

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    Feb 2013
    Rock Nose and sniffer belly
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    Sounds like we miners need to stand up Bundy style....
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    Mar 2003
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    MOST IMPORTANT FACTOID- When dealing with sheriffs there are 2 kinds-Constitutionaly elected-the good guys,and appointed so owned by the board of supervisors and usually do what they are told. Exceptions to every rule but elected work for us usually-John

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    Feb 2012
    Prather CA
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    Sheriff Mimms is a constituitonal sheriff happened to be out of town during this incident, the miners are well versed on their rights and were on their Federal Mining claim. They have met with her top lieutenant and it appears that may be some landmark decisons for this county..

    Sheriff Margaret Mims addresses gun control |
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    I'm confused. We these miners dredging in a river or creek?


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