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    Careful when making the trap deeper.
    The extra weight of the material above the fluidizing tubes diminishes their ability to keep the material in the trap fluidized.

    After running for awhile the slurry in the trap will begin to become denser creating more and more back pressure against the flow coming from the holes in the tubes reducing their ability to maintain the material in the trap at the desired fluid state.

    Once the slurry in the trap reaches a certain density it will become more difficult for the incoming gold from above to settle deep enough fast enough to keep it from being swept over the overflow port by the force of the incoming flow.

    Remember, as the weight of the material in the trap increases the fluidization decreases.
    So dont make the trap so deep that the jets get overwhelmed by material.

    I've found that my traps stay fluidized best when the overflow port is no more than 1" above the tubes.
    But then I run a lot of material loaded with black sand and garnet.

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