Passing thru Oregon in 2 weeks, and I hope to run my sluice, anyone got any Advice?
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Thread: Passing thru Oregon in 2 weeks, and I hope to run my sluice, anyone got any Advice?

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    Passing thru Oregon in 2 weeks, and I hope to run my sluice, anyone got any Advice?

    Howdy Tnet Guys and Gals!

    My family and I are headed from Seattle to Mount Shasta for a family camping trip. I am hoping to do a little prospecting on the way, and my wife is all for it. I am looking for some advice on public/permissible locations that my wife, our 14 year old son (my prospecting partner) and I can go that are easy to access (wife is not a good hiker, her heart doesn't like it that much) and that I can run my Bazooka Sniper!! Any help would make my favorite part of the upcoming trip great! Thanks to all who take the time to look at this post, and also to those who can offer advice!

    Literally anywhere reasonably close to I-5 between Portland and Grants pass, even into northern California is good too!


    Jesse B
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    Good Luck. Hope you find some great spots.

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    Not sure if you can prospect there or not, but when you get near
    Grants Pass be sure to check out the miles of exposed bedrock
    along the river on the east side of I-5. Been driving past it for
    years and drooling every time I do...

    There's got to be dozens of spots near Shasta that you can
    prospect, but be careful as they got funky laws down there.
    I hear the Sheriff will give prospectors a ticket if they so much
    as fart in their general direction.
    Mike (aka Dizz)

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