For all Claim owners....Who are tired of claim jumpers............Karma..........
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Thread: For all Claim owners....Who are tired of claim jumpers............Karma..........

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    May 2014
    96 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    For all Claim owners....Who are tired of claim jumpers............Karma..........

    I had a decent claim on a nice section of river, unfortunately the access was very easy, lots of fisherman, swimmers, etc. Which was no problem at all... However despite the numerous signs.......some 3' x2' advising that it was a registered claim and no prospecting was allowed, etc. etc.

    It was a constant battle almost daily with running people off, trying to sluice, metal detect, etc. Always an excuse........... even some younger guys wanting to fight.....

    So for the fun off it, I got some gold paint, and made some nice gold on some 30 to 40 quartz boulders down on the river..........and put trail cams on the path leading down ......... I would be gone only one or two days, and the boulders were gone........... It was pretty funny to look at the videos of the thieves carrying the worthless boulders 1/4 mile up the trail.

    Time after time, different people carrying away the boulders.........I started putting the quartz with "gold" in different sizes around, with the gold not showing, so you had to be looking to find it.......... but they kept disappearing..........

    Had one couple repeatedly coming down, climbing the hills taking gold............sometimes two and three times a week...for months....... even when I happened to be there, but farther down the river, so I did not see them until I checked the cameras. Must have 20+ videos of them on separate days digging and removing quartz rocks......

    If I had caught them there, I would have had them arrested, as I had several other claim jumpers. But had nothing to ID them by.

    Finally got fed up with the BS dealing with the claim jumpers, and decided to sell the claim.......... Just wanted my money back that I paid for it, which was significant......So just put the price way up as with selling anything, to negotiate down...............the price was more than twice what I paid for it........

    No calls for a week............... got one call finally, a guy really excited..... couldn't wait to buy it............. didn't even make a counter offer........
    I only posted claim for sale, never said a word about finding any gold or you might find nice gold.......nothing.........just claim for sale.

    Two days later I met the guy and his wife...............same people I had on all those videos........... I said nothing about it, sold them the claim, they handed me a nice cashiers check for more than twice what I paid for it..........we will just say multiple thousands of dollars more than the original cost...........

    They were beaming ear to ear when I gave them the deed........... I said enjoy your claim......... and ran to the bank, the check cleared.....I was beaming ear to ear........
    Would like to be a fly on the wall when they to in to sell the "gold"

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    Feb 2012
    Prather CA
    Whites GMT
    3351 times
    Finding GOLD
    Coffee shot out my nose. Thanks for the laugh, they got just what they had coming.
    "The most inspiring thing about gold, is not the value, but under magnification, the true beauty of each piece. They are truly like snowflakes that never melt." Oakview2 Fly EAGLE Fly......

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    May 2012
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    Well at least they had a lot of it. Hopefully they have time to battle other claim jumpers before their expensive lesson sets in.

    Not a bad way to know if someone is pokin around though.

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    Dec 2013
    SE Texas
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    They have to be thinking to themselves, who would have painted a rock way out here? LOL

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    Mar 2012
    1641 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    WTG Cliff. Poetic justice.Waite till they try to sell their boulders.

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    Lady Miner

    Oct 2014
    The Sierra Nevadas
    Garrett 14" Pan, Garrett 15" Super Sluice Pan, Bazooka 36" Sniper, Hand Dredge
    816 times
    Had to put down my pot pie so I wouldn't choke laughing!

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    Sep 2010
    ACE 250,
    289 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hilarious-nearly fell off the couch laughing!
    The body wants to go back in time, the heart lives for today and the mind thinks about the future.

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    Jul 2013
    Northern California
    Whites GMT V/SAT
    5170 times
    That is awesome, absolutely priceless. After a year or so you should mail them a copy of the videos you have of them and a picture of you painting up the quartz, -wrap the box in thumbs up winking smiley face paper.
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    Folks may not remember the words of what you said but they dang sure will remember how you made them feel!

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    This isn't a hobby! It's hard work!

    Feb 2013
    Golden Valley Arid-Zona
    Fisher / Gold Bug AND the MK-VII eyeballs
    6159 times
    Prospecting/Mining and protecting our rights to do so.
    Well I'd say they got what was coming to them. People that do not take the time to understand the laws or just don't care about them should reap what they sow. Many a miner has had to deal with highgraders and claim jumpers since man started mining. We have laws that are designed to protect the rights of miners to the minerals on/in/under their claims. Since mining claims are almost always on federal land many a local sheriff isn't going to care if some one is taking rocks. Depending on the situation and your mood, if you really want to nail people that are stealing off of your claim, contact the local U.S. Attorneys office with the info on the culprits.
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    Charter Member
    Nov 2010
    The Great Southwest
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    The U.S. Attorney won't be able to help you Jeff.

    Higrading (mineral theft from a mining claim) is a matter for local law enforcement. Usually the Sheriff and the County Prosecutor.

    The only complaints of mineral theft the U.S. Attorney (Justice Department) will prosecute are complaints of theft of U.S. minerals by a federal land management agency. U.S. Marshalls do the enforcement for that crime.

    Mineral theft from the United States is a Federal crime.
    Mineral theft from a claim owner is a State crime.

    Hope that helps.

    Heavy Pans

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    Nov 2014
    Norco, CA
    23 times
    Cliff you owe me a new tablet I just spit out soda all over mine laughing. Way to go to bad you didn't have the cameras on the claim still it would funny to see them still looking for gold boulders.
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    Dec 2012
    on the rocks - so cal county line
    Gold bug pro / Whites coin master II
    506 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    So cliff ... Will you ever own another claim ever ?
    My club claims rock .
    Now that the dirty work is done all's that is left is the digging

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    Jul 2004
    Angels Camp,Ca.
    833 times
    As Clay Diggins wrote it's higrading,not claim jumping.Claim jumping is someone filing over your claim.
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    Jan 2015
    North Carolina
    XP Deus with all the coils, MI-6 pinpointer, Ace350 and Garrett pro pointer.
    2142 times
    Metal Detecting
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    You should put an ad on craigslist advertising this spot as a free access claim full of nuggets.let them fight these punks over gold paint.

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    May 2007
    28 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Great story,thanks.I have several claims here close to Wickenburg Az.Same basic problem,posted with all the proper signs,etc.Had one gentleman(?)even tie pink
    streamers in trees back to rear of claims.all you TNET people have great weekend.Tom


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