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Thread: Venezulas gonna dump 80 tonnes of gold

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    Nov 2013
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    80 Tons? Dang that could make several Apple Watches!

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    Sep 2015
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    First, you have to received permission, then before you dig it up, decide how to sell it, and how to move it back to the United States. Good luck and share pictures. Of curse the price of gold will go down, but, went that much gold, do not care.

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    Not to de-rail but since we were thinking about Venezuela and all that gold...They also have a lot of oil. They pay approximately 7.5 cents per gallon for gas

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    When these 3 pieces of paper were printed they were worth less than $21 USD total. Now they are worth about $32. In 1980, one Zimbabwe Dollar was worth one United States Dollar. In 2010 there was no such thing as a Zimbabwe Dollar. Fun fact, those Zimbabwe notes were actually worth $1000000000000000000000000000 Zimbabwe Dollars, but by the time they were printed the government of Zimbabwe had already arbitrarily removed 13 zeroes from the value of all the money.
    There's plenty of gold. The question is:
    Just how smart are you willing to work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonaro View Post
    Not to de-rail but since we were thinking about Venezuela and all that gold...They also have a lot of oil. They pay approximately 7.5 cents per gallon for gas
    The enemies of liberty will not rest, and neither can we.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinInColorado View Post
    If it was really dumped on the open market in a hurry it would push down the price for awhile (that's called a buying opportunity for the rest of us) however it sounds like that's not what'll happen. Looks like Bank of America agreed to buy it all so it'll just move from Caracas to Manhattan in exchange for a pile of virtual fiat currency...and the rest of the world can just ignore this transaction. What a racket: you give me tons of physical gold and I'll change some digits in a computer file for you. Wow, Right?

    Sounds about right to me Kevin .
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    " A man should look for what is , and not for what he thinks should be ". Albert Einstein

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    El Padron

    Oct 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by el padron View Post
    Honestly are you guys kidding?

    No one likes it when I enlighten them with the following Hypothesis. I've never seen it written or published anywhere, but to me, it's very very obvious and undoubtedly true.

    Gold (As useless as it actually is, this is the stuff that everybody universally agrees stores value) will absolutely skyrocket like never before in recent history in the not to distant future.
    When it does it will happen over night.
    No doubt at all.
    It has to, or we will never again come near a balanced budget scenario. Not that it's necessary that we ever do.
    The 17 trillion dollar national debt is what keeps the dollar strong. No one DARES devalue the dollar when the US owes them 4 trillion of them.

    The 17 trillion dollar US national debt has been purposely contrived to serve as the strongest weapon in America's arsenal. It's expertly managed and distributed strategically throughout the world.
    That works very well for now, but unfortunately, that's not sustainable indefinitely either.

    This and many contributing factors ties directly into the actual definition of "money" and how that circumstance will directly affect the future price of gold

    The solution is unprecedented inflation. Bone crushing, runaway, purposely contrived, inflation.

    Inflation will explode. EXPLODE. Think 1972, 1978, 1982, etc....
    The average person will be conditioned to not mind at all because the minimum wage will be $14.
    A dozen eggs today costs $4.00 at Walmart. A bag of Oranges, $9.00.
    The average Home is $300,000 Dollars. Due to 3% interest rates Teachers and Plumbers often live in $450,000 homes.
    Trust me, I know , I sell them to them, and that is what they WANT.

    Its not sustainable.

    When interest rates hit 7% (Sound impossible huh?, LOL) look out below.........
    All this comes with unprecedented opportunity if your s*** is straight.
    It's absolutely the best time ever to be financially independent or very very poor in America

    The central middle class will build the pyramids.
    It all started about December 0f 2019..........

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    Oct 2019
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    True, but sad; sad but true...
    "I don't prospect for gold; gold prospects for me." -Paulo

    "I don't always put quotes in my signatures...but when I do, I quote myself" -Anonymous


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