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Thread: Trump Save the miners

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrofx View Post
    Last year we hauled 425 coal sets out of Gillete Wy each month . Our anointed one goes to the world summit and coal is being shut down . We are moving 125 sets a month now .
    What is a coal set you ask?
    A train hauling 115 cars of coal . Total weight .... 14,000 tons.
    We have 4500 guys furloughed on the BNSF railroad . UP even more .About 1500 coal miners laid off in the last 6 months.
    Solar , great. But what about all the toxic chemicals that get spewed . Glad its China and not us right.....
    The problem is noboady looked at a plan that would ease people into unemployement.
    But look at it this way , I'll have a lot of time to prospect...
    Yeah, that's my hometown and it has put a number of family and friends out of work. If nothing changes, all of North Eastern Wyoming is going to turn into a string of ghost towns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OwenT View Post
    Where do you get the rocks?
    Gillete, Wyoming

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    I ran out of Edgemont. After being raised in the East bay area of California , I LOVE small town America.
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    Trump Save the miners

    Coal is getting killed here in CO by the electric company using a combo of wind and low cost natural gas. That's the new reality for coal mining unless we can get the export process ramped up. The electric co says wind/gas is cheaper than coal. It's economics not politics...

    PS I used to consult for Amax Coal, which ran a couple big mines outside Gillette, as you probably know. I was up there a couple times in the 90's and really enjoyed seeing the operations from the inside. You really have my sympathy and support. Can I suggest getting into construction and moving to metro Denver? TONS of jobs to be had! (And gold in the creeks in town as you've seen from my prospector's journal)

    PPS if Trump wants to help get our coal exports going he's going to have to reconsider his crazy idea about slapping a big tariff on Chinese imports. Just sayin'.
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    The technology already exists that coal for power plants really isn't needed any longer. Same for wind/solar. Problem is, the folks that are making money on the production and use of coal don't want to quit using coal in its entirety. The only ones that want to end coal completely are the ones who have vested interests in other things. why was Obrother pushing solar so hard?!?!?

    Btw, that's not politics - that's GREED!! .....Ok, so it IS politics!
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