Going Commercial Pro or con?
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Thread: Going Commercial Pro or con?

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    Going Commercial Pro or con?

    I have a friend that recently picked up a group of claims in Idaho. They are just upstream from where the bucket dredge stopped and tests show very good color. He wants to open a small trommel based commercial operation and I keep trying to talk him down to something small scale to avoid the permits.

    What is the process for permitting a commercial operation and what are the costs?
    How long does it take and is there a guide online?

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    I know that exact spot. I spoke with a guy at the gold show last month that was selling a bunch of the claims in that area. Real good dirt. Sorry I dont have any info on how to go commercial but you might want to contact the guy he got the claims from. If it is the same guy I met with, he is very knowledgeable.

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    first does he have any old grid maps showing any drill info as in depth to bed rock? (2) how many acres does he want to open up to start? where is he going to stock pile over burden? where is he going stock pile tailings? what Is he going to do with wash water when it rains and he has to much water? Heavy metals testing for discharged water! the water needs to be cleaner going in to a river then when you take it out. (EPA standards) he will need this and more when he is filling out the papers. (NOI, POO) and then wait for them to sign off on paper work. and dont forget about the impact stuies that are going to happen and refiling paper work with changes. MHO stay small and be happy. money wise depends on how big he wants to go.

    Idaho Department of Lands
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    Too many hoops to jump through. He will have more costs (AND headaches) going pro. For a small operation, might not be worth it. I would first look into making a small operation as ultimately efficient as possible while remaining small. ...Maybe wait and see what happens in November. Things could get much better, OR much worse. Would hate to see someone invest everything on a pro operation, only to end up being forced to shut down and lose everything.
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    starts with the PoO and scale determines bonding.
    like Bill said there would be an Environmental Assessment that could take awhile.
    then you would have to get with the state for their surface mining requirements,
    water quality permits, water rights, it can be done, takes time and commitment.
    I hear EOMA has a bond pool and will help with writing the PoO
    Eastern Oregon Mining Association
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    I hear EOMA has a bond pool and will help with writing the PoO

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    Op in Idaho has it's own states hoops to jump through and seriously doubt Oregon folks are going to fund a Idaho operation. Just keep it small,lean, mean and clean and REALLY test completely before you expose your hand of cards to ANY agency. You file anything and it becomes PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE and they will come, the haters that is,by god they will. We just had a BLM meet in town, 25 folks showed and a dozen ranting and raving NO DREDGING ANYWHERE EVER.. Very insane as was just a open house to see what folks thought of who,what and how of BLM performance. The anti dredging cancer has spread far and wide .... sic sic sic-John

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    From the comments, sounds like it is not a placer mining friendly area, so might be best to fly under the radar. Generally, a miner knows if he should go larger because his previous sampling has proven this is the way to go. I will key in on your statement "recently picked up a group of claims" ... best advise is start small and do extensive sampling first. Then customize the operation for production once the area is proven. It will save a ton of money and hassle. He can always grow it later if that is what is necessary.
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    Your looking at 2 years to get a POO approved through the forest service. The NEPA analysis is what takes forever. If you want to be an Idaho commercial miner find ground that's BLM, they are much easier to work with.



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