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Thread: Big gold mine still out there to be found?

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    Dec 2015
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    I lived in Amador City as a teenager and wish I would have known then what I know now. I was more interested in old Fords and girls than the gold that was all around me, although one could not be aware of all the history with all the mining goodies laying about. circa 1962

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobw53 View Post
    Hey Clay.. Do you know what methodology they use to come up with such numbers? If they know there is X amount, seems they should know where it is, or at least some
    of it... And if I knew where that 60% was, I certainly wouldn't be writing a paper about it, I'd have my head stuffed in a hole somewhere...

    My gut feeling from what little I know, those percentages that are left in the ground will grow as more knowledge is gained...
    The report itself will give you the methods they used to come up with their figures. This was a serious multi-year report involving field studies and some well respected geologists.

    You can download the report at Land Matters by searching the Library. Here's a link to the download page Gold Resources in the Tertiary Gravels of California.

    This report only addresses gold in deposits from the tertiary period (66 million to 2.58 million years ago). It doesn't cover the many other types of placer deposits in California and elsewhere. It doesn't cover the unmined portions of the Motherlode (the Motherlode by definition does not include placers). It doesn't include the many other hardrock gold sources in California. There's a lot more gold still to be found that isn't in this report.

    The report does point out that where the gold is still unmined is not a secret but profitable ways to mine it need to be investigated. The 60% of the gold still left in those tertiary gravels weren't left there because they were unknown but because the easiest method of mining them became too expensive. Keep that fact in mind when you read the report - it's all about mining at a profit. That should be a lot easier now - multiply all the gold value figures in the report by 37 to get the current values. The report was written when gold was $35 an ounce! HELLO

    The 507 million dollars of gold already mined from those gravels would be worth nearly 19 Billion dollars today. The gold still left to be mined represents about 22.5 Billion dollars. Those are very conservative figures. Go get u sum!

    As with all the PDFs in the Land Matters library this report has been OCR, checked for completeness and copyright and the text can be copied and searched. There are no restrictions on copy/paste, searching or obnoxious warning pages or every page logos like with google books. The intent of the Land Matters library materials formatting is to make the books and reports more usable and encourage people to share resources that aren't restricted in their usefulness. Please share what you find there.

    Heavy Pans
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    Thanx Clay...

    The 507 million dollars of gold already mined from those gravels would be worth nearly 19 Billion dollars today.
    I should be working.. But instead I'm thinking about GOLD... That's 14.5 million ounces, 30 cubic yards or so. Not much more volume
    than a good size bathroom, or a storage container 2 and a half feet deep. And they moved 1.5 BILLION cubic yards.. Just to fill up
    a large bathroom. 1.5 billion cubic yards is 480 square miles, 3 feet deep.. New York city is only 304 square miles.

    14.5 million ounces is approximately 1 million adav..adeveap.... Regular pounds. And even though all that gold would fit in a regular old
    14foot u-haul... It would take approximately 25 semi's to move it legally..
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    If there's 23 billion in the ground and it costs 25 billion to get it out.well that don't calculate.If it's in California it's more than likely that all the tertiary channels are either claimed up,on private ground or tied up in litigation....and all old channels are not rich.If a mine is in California it would take many,many years to get all your permits,if at all.If your mine makes water in California your already on the doomsday clock at 11:55 before you start...How many large gold mining operations are currently active in California?It's likely there are a few handfulls of small operations into the good ore and gravel in the Golden state but they probably fly in the clouds for cover...Loose lips.sink ships.
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    There are some in So Kal. , so water isn't really a factor. The one's I know of are Canadian owned. Granite Construction used to be the largest gold producer in the State. It's owned by Feinstein's husband so they never seem to have any regulatory harassment.

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    Feb 2015
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    This is why I love this forum. There's gold out there still and I would never have got to lookin were it not for reading here about everyone's adventures .
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    Feb 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by ConceptualizedNetherlandr View Post
    Look closely. He said 'support wall'.
    C'mon, just a little piece won't hurt anything
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mackaydon View Post
    Welcome to Treasure Net !
    I think you'd have a better chance finding a gold deposit versus finding an abandoned yet profitable mine.
    Quote Originally Posted by goldenIrishman View Post
    Welcome to the asylum Wildlifeliving!

    In answer to your question, I have to believe that there are many more big strikes to be found. As to where I think they will show up, well that would be in the oceans! WHY you ask? Look at how much soil has eroded and been washed out to sea over the millions of years. I have a strong feeling that the areas near mouths of rivers, where coastal glaciers have receded as well as the mid ocean ridges could be very rich areas.

    While we pretty much have a good handle on the land areas, we haven't even scratched the surface when it come to mining in the oceans. Offshore dredging in Alaska you say? That's hasn't even started to really deplete the ocean gold in that area and there's a LOT more ocean to explore. Maybe that's what we need... A gold strike off the Mexican coast where you don't have to have a heated diving suit and you can pick up 5-6oz nuggies off the bottom while snorkeling.
    Thank you guys. Yes probably. But sometimes I think of how much interesting birds like eagles and such as must have seen witch no man yet laid his hands upon, prob some mine in remote areas in states like Utah, Nevada or Arizona for instance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildlifeliving View Post
    Most stories are from the 1800s about gold mines. Someone talking a shortcut or getting lost and then stumble upon a goldmine. Seems like we never hear of these stories nowadays?
    So do you think theres still a big goldmine out there? A goldmine like the the Lost dutchman mine with gold lying on the surface to be found?

    Unknown " BIG " gold deposits ( mines ) in the USA .................. could be .

    Fairly rich smaller deposits of various types ............... I guarantee it .
    " A man should look for what is , and not for what he thinks should be ". Albert Einstein


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