Working the Rye Patch (Nevada) placers.
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Thread: Working the Rye Patch (Nevada) placers.

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    Oct 2015
    Northern Nevada
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    Working the Rye Patch (Nevada) placers.

    I've lucked into several mining claims in the Rye Patch area of Northern Nevada.

    The claims are where the flatter ground transitions up into the foothills of Mt. Majuba.

    Can anyone tell me how things are looking for this area?

    I was there the past couple days. Unable to detect for gold as I was just on a recon mission but I was impressed with how much quartz was on the ground.

    There seemed to be a lot of hard rock that was thrust vertically upwards and it appeared it had never been disturbed.

    I know the area has been worked extensively but judging from that hard rock it appears there are many areas that haven't seen a shovel or deeper metal detecting.

    What are your thoughts on the Rye Patch placer district?

    Any secrets to mining this area?

    Any insights appreciated!
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    An area of caution as private and public intermixed and owners have lost their sense of humor over high grading. Some acreage on Redding Craigslist for sale. Very windy and cold winters but have pulled some decent gold waaaay back in the early 80s-John
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    your on a claim. You can look up history on it hopefully. Several of the large companies out there have no issue with detecting on the surface because they have the underground rights. The info is public. Hit the area start talking to people have fun.

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    Oct 2015
    Northern Nevada
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    I'm wondering about the area because there are a lot of places where it appears a false bedrock comes to the surface and the area hasn't been dug up.

    It's amazing how much quartz is out there.

    I didn't have a chance to metal detect as I was working on paperwork but boy I sure wanted to!

    I did see the private land next to the claims.

    Wish I could have a chunk of private land next to the claims so I could put some more permanent structures up.

    Great place it seems.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Aug 2012
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    I have no personal experience my self, but my brother in law ran his GPZ about 2 years ago there. He had only set time to check out the area for two weeks and then was going to head down to Jordan. I went into Jordan about 3 weeks after he should have left the Rye, I tried to call him but nothing on his cell, so I called his sat phone, he said he ended up staying, that he knew exactly what sort of gold is in Jordan, but that the Rye was a real shocker and he could not leave just yet.

    I think he ended up staying for about 10 or 11 weeks all total; really not like him as he has his spots all over the world he falls back on to after checking out new places, some new places end up paying off for him, but it is not often that he just drops his plans and stays in an area like that.

    I had only seen him do this two other times before, Lapland and the Carpathians, which both now are on his normal spots.

    I did not really ask too much about the Rye as I have no interest in ever going, I did ask exactly how long he ended up staying, and as I said it was like 10 or 11 weeks, and to me that said enough that he dropped his plans in Jordan. He was pretty pleased with the area though because he has some land in some place called Elco or Elko, not sure, never been there either and I do not know how far it is from where he was hunting. His land is only 18 acres and is nothing more than a small cabin and storage.

    He will return to Germany over Christmas though, and if you like I can grill him with questions. I know he is always looking for local folks to hunt with in all the locations he travels to.

    I will PM you with any information he gives up. But if you have specifics then let me know because again I know nothing of the area.
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    I'm not an Idiot Whisperer. I can't help you any further with the math.

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    Oct 2015
    Northern Nevada
    MineLab GPZ 7000 Garrett ATX Pro
    792 times
    Oddjob I appreciate that.

    I had such a good feeling in Rye Patch because of the amount of Quartz and crystals on the ground.

    I'm sure it has been worked over but it also seemed like there was a lot of virgin ground.

    Just by the way the basaltic rock was situated in long lines going underground.

    Dumb question but how does one keep poachers from prospecting a claim that's yours?

    I've alwYs tried to respect private property and active claims.

    Do signs work saying Active Claim - No Prospecting?

    Thanks again Oddjob for the great info!

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    Dec 2015
    South Fork Yuba River, Motherlode
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    a friend of mine detected just over 5 .dwt in a weekend there early summer this year.
    someone who I respect and believe.
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    Dec 2020
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    Experience at Rye Patch

    Quote Originally Posted by Oddjob View Post

    I will PM you with any information he gives up. But if you have specifics then let me know because again I know nothing of the area.

    Any chance you ever had a conversation with him about his 11 weeks at Rye Patch? I recently purchased a claim and am researching the best methods to work it and would greatly appreciate nay advice from anyone who's been there.


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    Oct 2018
    Central Valley California
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    Are you the guy selling this claim on Craigslist for $5800? I've seen this for months now, no one seems to want to buy it.
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    Old post BUT DON'T BELEIVE EVERYTHING YOU READ OR HEAR without actually going and testing for your self ! Be CAREFULL & SAFE !



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