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Thread: Mayonnaise to capture gold

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    Dec 2014
    Bodfish and Marin county CA
    Garrett , Whites keene puffer drywasher , Keene A51 Sluice
    739 times
    Drywashing , Sluicing , Panning

    Mayonnaise to capture gold

    Well not what I would use but --- OK so my neighbor's mom is visiting from Hawaii and we got to talking and I thought I would show her some gold I had in a pan.
    She was eating a turkey avo swiss sandwich with loads of mayonnaise (looked real good) All of a sudden she stuck her finger into the pan and swirled it around I was at a loss as what to say or do as some gold stuck to her finger. I think I lost about .2 of a gram.
    So be careful when you show your gold. I didn't have the heart to call her out on it as she is a nice person.

    Hope this makes you smile or laugh then it will be worth the .2 gram.
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Mar 2014
    Fisher GB2, Bazooka Prospector 36", EZ sluice, Blue Bowl..
    1694 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    She's one slick high grader!

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    Charter Member

    Mar 2014
    4035 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    haha...That reminds me of one of the first pocket watches I restored. I was so proud of the thing even though it's not really worth anything.

    Took it to show Grandpa......Out comes the pocket knife to open it up!!! Slip........, and scratch across the movement when he pried the back open.

    Stuff like this happens in slow motion too! Almost, like you know exactly what is going to happen before it does Then, you just keep the fake smile till they are out of the room!

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    Apr 2014
    Modesto, CA
    813 times
    That reminds me of when a buddy from work brought in some nice nuggets he had found years earlier. He handed a guy a nug to check out and the guy accidentally broke it in half.. i was speechless
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    Jun 2013
    East Tennessee
    4447 times
    Mayonnaise and Gold sandwiches, hmmmm, never tried them. If they are as good as mayonnaise and tomato sandwiches with salt & pepper on them, then I am in.

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    Feb 2015
    Greenville, South Carolina
    131 times
    Metal Detecting
    I love mayo, I eat it on just about everything. take bread, mayo, peanut butter and bananas. I could live off those, my wife says no.

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    May 2013
    The Golden State
    Whites Goldmaster V/SAT. VibraProbe. Bazooka 48" Prospector Sluice. Shorts. Chickens + Goats + Goldhounds. 35' Chris Craft Caribbean motorsailer. FISH OIL + BURLAP
    4805 times
    Add burlap and hold on!
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    I am a teacher, hydrologist, biologist and a prospector.

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    May 2011
    north idaho
    whites GMT
    168 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    i am from hawaii and love mayo so be carefull with your gold. lol. lol. lol.
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    Charter Member
    Ed Tracy

    Jan 2015
    Bounty Hunter
    600 times
    What Hog mat do you use to process Poo?

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    Aug 2004
    Olympia WA
    Minelab Xterra 70, Minelab SD 2200d, 2.5", 3", 4"and several Keene 5" production dredges, Knelson Centrifuge, Gold screw automatic panner
    1596 times
    You know the saying...Mayo all that glitters be gold!
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    Jan 2017
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    1852 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Let me begin with saying that I must first apologize for my post here;.........Gold Finger?
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