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Thread: Where would you mine on my claim and why ?

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    Ed Tracy

    Jan 2015
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    Where would you mine on my claim and why ?

    This is my claim on the Klamath River, about 2 miles upriver from Happy Camp, California. Now I placed numbers and letters on the map so you can reference where you would mine. One thing I have learned threw out the years is to value other miners opinions and by learning from them makes me a better miner. Thanks
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    Feb 2006
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    What map?
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    Feb 2015
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    It is a secret map, it is only visible if you believe. Don't you see it?
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    Ed Tracy

    Jan 2015
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    Here it is Click image for larger version. 

Name:	my claim.jpg 
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    Ed Tracy

    Jan 2015
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    Sorry pressed the wrong button

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    Jul 2014
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    Hey that's pretty close to where I'll
    Be hunting this weekend

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    Ed Tracy

    Jan 2015
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    Will you be on a New 49's claim, my claim is between there K19A and K20

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    Jan 2012
    Summit County, Colorado
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    Where would you mine on my claim and why ?

    With a Bend that big, you are looking at a lot of historical material flow. Depending on when the best gold was moving in the river, there could be hot spots almost anywhere in that pic. Lucky you!

    That said, I would definitely try the line of q-x-4-13-22 on my first visit. At looks like a line which is only affected in big water and is likely hard packed since it's resisting erosion from what I can see.
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    Make America Great Again

    Apr 2013
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    #6 oh wait there's no 6, between y & 5 looks like the water in the split channel was farther inland than it is now.
    using the slider in google earth between 2005 and 2009 it really changed

    there was a new49'ers video I saw the other day of the layers to look for.
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    Dec 2007
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    I'd be mining underwater to bedrock. Find a crevice in the bedrock. The crevice will have the most gold. I have the same kind of claim on the Arkansas river.
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    Jan 2012
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    The entire water way because I got A Proline


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    Aug 2012
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    I would start looking by N and O first.

    Then head over to 16.

    Next between 23 and 28.

    Then down to 25 and 26.

    The 17 and 18.

    Back over to V.

    Then investigate for probable areas between the square of A B K J.

    Likely just run my GPZ over everything from 4 5 27 triangle, and maybe look further if found anything.

    That is what I would start with on land. Can you use machinery. If working it alone then not spend more than three days prospecting each spot, get your numbers and figure out what you going to chew up first and last.

    Water; do not know what you laws are there. But I would deal with the water last, however I have only been hobby dredging with a 4 inch for the past 13 years and that has only been at best 6 weeks a year and worst 3 weeks a year.
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    I'm not an Idiot Whisperer. I can't help you any further with the math.

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    Dec 2012
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    W, trust me

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    Nov 2010
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    Why not just grid the claim and start sampling? That's what professional miners do and it really does work.

    If that sounds like more work than you want to do I'd go with okbasspro. Dredge it and if Dave and his gang give you any grief use one from his playbook and shoot them a moon from your dredge.

    Heavy Pans

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    Look at the Historical Gold Mining photo albums on my page

    Jan 2013
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    Might as well start in the river to the left of l where the boulder is sticking up out of the water. Run up along both sides of the boulder and see what you come up with. That looks like a claim choked with tailings below the bend. Then, if there's 3 or 4 ounces right there at the boulder, I would sample the whole thing. If there's an ounce or less, sell it because it's been worked out.
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