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Thread: Time to start thinking about next year.... What are your goals for next year?

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    Sep 2012
    Tujunga, CA
    Bazooka Gold Trap, A-51, Gold Pan
    986 times
    Wow! Next year so soon.

    Let me think. ?? New Year's Day high in my home town watershed. Sorry if you're in a northern climate.

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    Jun 2017
    Nokta AU Goldfinder
    183 times
    New Years Goals - More gold and more fun than 2017. Would also maybe love to experiment with a battery powered trommel to try something different

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    Charter Member

    Dec 2012
    MXT-PRO Sandshark
    10888 times
    Metal Detecting
    to find ten pounds of 22k gold on the Mass beach in May ( or a wealthy supermodel who adores me)

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    if it flies, it dies

    Jan 2015
    shasta county
    gpx 4500 sdc 2300
    988 times
    ducks, bucks and gold
    Quote Originally Posted by mike(swWash) View Post
    We're pretty much done for the year here. The heavy rainy and windy season starts Weds.
    Time to start re-running my cons, make new equipment and plan for next year.

    My list:
    1. Build the quad jet eductor for Lycofs new dredge...it's going to be epic strong.
    2. Make a new abs 10'x12" 3 section, back pack-able, nesting sluice box for dredging season.
    3. Making a self feeder for heavy, black beach sand for above sluice for the winter season.
    4. Order new Gold Hog mats for both setup's to put in said new sluice.
    5. Finding much gold in both above listed setups.
    6. Look at and test some claims in Idaho to find the perfect one to call my own.
    7. Find enough time to do all the above.

    Good luck all
    the rainy season unlocks a lot of areas that are harder to mine in summer. in nor cal any ways. pm me when you see a river of ducks heading south, please. i would greatly appreciate it.
    got the fever? dont scratch the itch.

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    Apr 2014
    SW Oregon
    432 times
    ...next year....middle of trimming season around these parts now so I'll wait to ponder plans for next year around,,,,eh,,next year, HA!
    Ditto on the wetsuit heater and also gotta hook up an underwater speaker system. Gotta make a new shaker/grizzly for the wash plant soon as I spend less a month then I make, dang it!
    Speaking of underwater music any of you try "Spotify.com" to listen to free music? Laptop/wifi/12v battery with a power adapter/and about a thirty foot speaker wire and good to go.
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    Oct 2015
    Northern Nevada
    MineLab GPZ 7000 Garrett ATX Pro
    384 times
    Hitting new areas in Rye Patch.

    Sections 08 and 18 have been good but heading higher to prospect the hills around Mt. Majuba.

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    Mar 2016
    169 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    (1) Stay alive
    (2) Get the hell out of Florida
    (3) Stop being helpful to the wrong people
    (4) Get gold
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    Charter Member
    Mine President, XPBC

    Dec 2013
    Arcata, California
    Fisher 1212-x Fisher Gold Bug 2 Whites 4900/SP3 Rocker boxes, Keene sluices, Bazooka sluice, 2.5", 4" lowbankers, highbankers. Witch Sticks.
    500 times
    After hurting myself again recovering my mercury remediation machine before winter I think I am going to take a break from that next year and focus on some serious high banking. Last year I fractured my tibia, this year I did something horribly painful to my upper arm and my back isn't too happy either, upgrading to 6" isn't in the cards lol.
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    May 2005
    St. Louis, missouri
    4235 times
    Welcome to the "club"!! It's been 3 years now that I've been out because of this or that myself! BUT next Summer I'm going to give it one more try in Wyoming!

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    May 2014
    Sweep Jig, Whippet Dry Washer, Lobo ST, 1/2 width 2 tray Gold Cube, numerous pans, rocker box, and /home made fluid bed and stream sluices.
    2492 times
    I'm going to try to wear out my new drywasher! One or more sessions per week as long as soil conditions are right and exploration and sampling when they are not.
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    If it can't be grown, it must be mined!

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    Aug 2015
    1018 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I'll be building the 3" Redneck gravity dredge for use in meat creek. Hoping to aquire a wet suit So I can get deep. I'm also going to be checking out the higher reaches of the claim in search of the source gold.

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    Charter Member
    Chronic Patriot/Metal Detecting,it`s My Lifestyle !

    Jul 2010
    "Kan-a-we-o-la" Head on a Pole N.Y. Seneca Territory of The Six Nations 1779.. now in Catlin N.Y.
    XP Deus, T2 LTD Land or Sea Pointer Garrett Pointer Treasure Wise Diggers T10",T12" & T14" Lesche 28" Ground shark
    4883 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (1)
    Hope i don`t have to wear Depends in 2018 !
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    I`v been detecting for 49 years owned my own detector shop G.A.P. Metal Detectors here in N.Y.
    See my old adds in Western & Eastern Treasures and Lost Treasure Magazines through the 90s
    I hunt the Sullivan Trail here in N.Y.
    "Success is just Rented, Never Owned and the Rent is due Daily"
    "Its the Golden Rule who ever has the Gold Rules"

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    Sep 2012
    Tujunga, CA
    Bazooka Gold Trap, A-51, Gold Pan
    986 times
    I've got too many "prospects" so achieving some focus is probably in order. There are more than a dozen spots in five or six areas that I'd like to explore/invest time in.

    I'll break it down by distance.

    Five miles from home, the wash can produce a couple bucks a day once I'm in a paystreak. Gave up a few years ago looking for more and bigger gold. Not many pickers out there. Someone even suggested the La Tuna Cyn area. No sure about that.

    Twenty miles. Upper canyon gold is bigger, courser and harder to find. Seasonal water makes it difficult to work most of the year. But the potential is there for stream,high bank, and even hard rock prospects. Exploring multiple strategies, wet and dry. This radius also includes points north of me in other watersheds.

    Forty miles. The obvious, popular gold bearing river in so cal. Many miles of prospects. I currently have an area of interest close to parking. Also would like to hike up at least to the flats. And also explore some high bank areas. Again points north also fall in this radius.

    Just beyond in the sixty-90 mile range brings Kern river, Lytle creek/ Mohave river, Piru or desert areas like Randsburg , Barstow or Palm Springs.

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    Oct 2017
    30 times
    Investigate some new areas locally
    learn a bunch more about gold prospecting
    hook up with local club
    Stinky Pete

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    Nov 2017
    El Dorado County, CA
    21 times
    Like some of the others, I didnít get out near as much as I wanted this year, so I got a TON of catching up to do for next year.

    Right now Iím reading and asking as many question about detecting as possible. My primary goal for next year - get up to speed as fast as I can to do some high Sierra detecting. Those ancient river channels have been calling my name for way too long and itís time for me to do something about it. I realize itís one of the hardest forms of detecting, but I got to learn sometime.

    I also want to meet some new fellow prospectors to detect with in my area (El Dorado County). None of my panning buddies are willing to take the plunge into detecting with me. Iím tempted to go out solo, but I know thatís not always a good idea out in the boondocks.


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