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Thread: The Dakota Boys are back on GoldRush

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    Quote Originally Posted by firebird View Post
    Aussie Gold Hunter already has 3 seasons, have you seen them yet? Season 1 is only available in Netflix, they haven't released the other seasons.
    Seen the first. The new ones aren't available to me. On my satellite

    I haven't checked that hard on line though

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    Jan 2019
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truth1253 View Post
    I love this show and everyone hating on it.....I havenít hear one say they donít watch it every week.
    I have seen it, but it was at my inlaws for one of those Christmas Marathon's.

    It was alright, mostly because it was about what I do, digging in the dirt except it was different enough (gold instead of gravel) to hold my interest.

    Other than at the inlaws though, which I go to once or twice a year, I do not watch TV.

    Funny on how it has changed though. Years ago TV was for the kids and movies were for adults, but now movies are for kids, and TV is for the adults.
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    Aug 2011
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    I'm confused. The season finally was shown in the preview that everything was being washed away and that didn't happen.
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    Feb 2010
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    Those idiots are going to get someone killed.. Just my opinion.
    Live Free or Die

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    Oct 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldwasher View Post
    Seen the first. The new ones aren't available to me. On my satellite

    I haven't checked that hard on line though
    Yeah they can only be downloaded here, they haven't been aired anywhere else outside of Australia

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    Dec 2012
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    When it comes to just downright orneriness, Fred Hurt would be
    at the top of any list. As for the show, I haven't watched an episode
    yet this year.

    I do DVR Gold Rush, but I'm a few episodes behind on the watching.
    Usually I'll watch 2-3 episodes back-to-back, with liberal use of the
    FF button. I just skip over a lot of Tony's stuff, but like to watch Parker
    and Rick operations.
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    Mar 2014
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    1st let me remind everybody that I have been dredging for 40 years. And I have a mining partner who would put anyone to shame....he is an all in guy. We dredge separately and usually not more than a few hundred yards apart.....running 4 inch dredges on a small creek high up in the headwaters of a gold producing drainage.

    Well the season ended with the Dakota boys checking out another plunge pool up on a major feeder creek. And again these guys talk about getting to bedrock and saying they don't know how far down it will be. They damn near got killed in their last hole and it was aprox 20 ft down to bedrock.

    I watch the show. It is difficult for me to watch but the creek has a history that warrants "going for the gold". I talk to my wife a lot when we watch it I am constantly being critical of what they do and say.

    I feel like I need to get ahold of these guys and clue them in a little bit. At least I would approach what and how they proceed a little different. My advice: "Let Nature do the work for you". Spend some time and go up and down the creek (boots on the ground) and assess the places that nature has opened up spots exposing the bedrock. Streams change constantly....usually due to the introduction of material...… it woody or rock...or debris. I have been assessing my claims creek bed for 40 years now and each spring I find new places that bedrock is exposed. My claims only produce significant gold when you get to bedrock...and going down through 10-15-20 ft of gravels to get to bedrock takes a lot of time. Don't get me wrong...I have done it...but my most productive seasons are when nature did the work for me.


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    Feb 2014
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    I hope they find millions $$$$$


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