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Thread: Gold Coin

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    May 2009
    Sailor Flat, Ca.
    SDC2300, Gold Bug 2 Burlap, fish oil, ACME handbook for TRUE prospectors (unread)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mytimetoshine View Post
    50 bucks for water. the real gold in some areas
    it was his biggest monthly bill everytime he mentions it.

    whats crazy too is the amount of work they did. Digging races through rock to set up sluices, building cabins selling them moving often. so, much work not actually digging for gold.

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    Dec 2012
    whites mxt
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    I drive 2 days 15 hours each. just to get there . spend 1 day setting up and getting ready. 1 or so days digging before I even start running material. I feel tired before I even start seeing gold. Then after a couple weeks of super hard work I gotta undo the whole process. and i am not getting any younger that's for sure.
    But they did it on foot by hand. i get flustered when i cant get a good radio station in and thank goodness for air conditioning. lol
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    Coil Swinger

    Jan 2011
    El Dorado County
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    Great coin, gold and story!!

    Really the holy grail when gold searching, you get the gold the coin the whole thing processed and time stamped.

    Looks to be in terrific shape for out of the roaring American.
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    Will work for gold dust.

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    if it flies, it dies

    Jan 2015
    gpx 4500 sdc 2300
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    ducks, bucks and gold
    $70 for 3.5 ounces translated to todays prices= $3125 water bill. i think id make a better profit with a screw driver and a dry pan
    got the fever? dont scratch the itch.

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    Coil Swinger

    Jan 2011
    El Dorado County
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    Kinda like going to the dentist nowa days with insurance. Dr. takes a look says emm 2 bad crowns our other office did for you plus 2 cavities and potentially 1 more crown comes out to $5300 patient cost for a few hours in the dentist chair.

    What a scam, just like selling water to the miners, if you need it they jack the prices.
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    Will work for gold dust.


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